Emoni Bates posts disappointing measurables

Wow, this one stands out to me. First, he only had a 24.5 inch vertical. The second one that stood out to me is he has 8-1/4" hands. Do they measure it different than the NFL?

That is not Moni at all

6 foot 9 inches with 8 1/4 inch hands? Wtf

Makes no sense. Maybe overrated as hell. Still would love him wearing green, but kid seems little off

I think he is poorly managed, based on all the places he reported to be landing. I have my doubts. With that being said, his signing with Memphis leapfrogged Michigan for top recruiting class.

Kid was awful last year watched a ton of games. Can’t guard average shooter, and is ball hug

Definitely can’t have some kid out there hugging people’s balls. That had to be awkward to watch.

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