Enjoy Some Barry!

My favorite running back ever!! Interesting interview with a legend.

The best part is when he calls out the current nfl for being soft, such a legend.


Baddest MF’r ever to lace 'em up…by an absolute MILE.

Love this guy.


Barry never really had to focus on catching passes. Can you imagine if he did while playing in today’s NFL?

Barry with space. Try to imagine that without your brain kersploding. :exploding_head:

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He would have been deadly in the pass game for sure.

It’s really quite amazing back in the day Barry used to get chastised for not catching the ball. Dude caught just about everything that was thrown his way. The Lions just never really used him downfield like Dallas would sometimes use Emmett. So as a way to make a differentiation that was one of the things that broadcasters used to say. I wholeheartedly disagree. Barry could definitely catch the ball.

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