Digging into this some more.
I tried to read things only from 2018.

This is a good coaching tree article with graphics. If you can’t get past the paywall, open an incognito browser in Chrome, and paste the link into it.

There’s probably not a better article on the web than this one:

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Very similar argument and article, and its for everyone who thinks E-P is a new fad. Offenses are all similar, its just a different way of lining up and attacking.

Thanks, good read.
If it’s easier to learn, it makes me wonder how much, if at all, the Lions tried to run some of this language this year.

I question the “easier to learn” part. More to the point, I don’t think we all think the same thing when we read “easier”.

The lingo is easier than the whole Trips Right Y Spider Banana (or whatever Gruden loved to say), but think in terms of your receiving Corp. They have to translate a “concept” to their route and their route might be different depending on alignment. On top of that, they have decisions to make based on the leverage of the defender. Now, compare that to a system where the QB instructs each receiver their route, as we did CJ. “What is easier for who?” becomes the question.