Eric Berry released

Could be a steal…health issues last 2 years but guy was the best safety in the league before that…2 yr deal?

Woah. I thought they wanted Honey Badger to pair with Berry, not to replace him.

He’s a helluva leader and a hell of an intense player …

…when he’s on the field … which has been a serious problem.

The safety market was bone dry last year, yet this year they’re breaking the bank. I’m not so sure he’d be cheap.

IF he is, then it’s worth a consideration.

After watching Ziggy struggle to be on the field the last few years i would pass, unless the contract is right. I expect someone will roll the dice and pay him what he wants or he will probably go to NE and get a SB ring…

Well, this is interesting. How weird would it be to see our guys getting coverage sacks, after watching Lawson get bullied all of last year?

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