Eric Bieneimy for OC?

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reports Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy’s contract is expiring.

“Expiring” or is expired, we have no idea at the moment, as coaching contract terms and conditions are very hard to come by in the NFL. But it sounds like Bieniemy will either return to the Chiefs or seek out an opportunity elsewhere. He’s been passed over for head-coaching jobs the last few years despite heavy interest. Not calling the plays in Kansas City may be hurting him in terms of getting a head job. Perhaps Bieniemy will flirt with other teams, but tying himself to Patrick Mahomes is still probably best for his coaching career and future.

I would have LOVED this. Toss a boat load of cash at Bienemy and turning this offense into something even semi-coherent and he should get an HC job. At least the “he’s just running Andy Reid’s offense” critic would be gone

I didn’t see they had named Ben Johnson OC before I posted this.

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