Erin gets off with a slap on the wrist over mess

“now Erin.”

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The fines for Rodgers and the team are so small compared to how much money they have that it’s hardly a punishment at all. Lazard doesn’t have A-A-Ron money, but $15k ain’t putting him in the poor house.


for comparison…




I want to know how much the hip-checker has been fined. Has that come out yet?


$14,000 For attending a team sponsored halloween party.

Exactly, nothing will happen. Just like nothing will happen to the WFT leadership and the email scandal. Nothing to see here.

Packers should be losing draft picks….

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I’ll delete my message b4 it gets this thread locked

Haha the NFL is a joke. So the Refs are allowed to make up fake calls and then initiate physical contact with players whenever they like. Is this WWE wrestling?

These players may need to take matters into their own hands by accidentally running into refs on kickoff and punt teams at full speed, just like how a catcher in baseball allows a 99mph fastball to hit the ump in the face because he got crossed up with the pitcher.


KAaron Rodgers is a moron, always has been. The way he has handled this whole thing doesn’t change my view of him one bit. I hope he chokes on a fat piece of cheese.

This is how Schwartz lost the Lions players. He’d punish the 3rd stringers for crap but the 1st stringers were bulletproof, especially his defensive stars coughsuhcough

I’m wondering what the playes union will do for such heavy penalties for other things but letting rodgers skate.

The CBA had written that only fines would be levied this year against teams and players. Unless it’s a repeat offense after fines. Then suspension and draft picks

So lets hope Karen stays indignant and non compliant

Of course.

This angers me.

I think Kaaron is much funnier than the played-out Erin.

That’s what I’ve learned from all of this.


That’s an insult to wrist slaps.


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In fairness to the league, limp wrists are more difficult to slap.

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We tried to talk about this last week. We proved we can’t. It all comes back to politics which we aren’t allowed to talk about on this site. Just close the thread. I recommend twitter if you really wanna go down this never ending road.

Did you see the video? I just see an old guy struggling to get a flag out of his waistband. And the taunting penalty, although stupid, was technically correct, and taunting is a focus area this year.

As long as they don’t do anything stupid like fine Marsh for “initiating” contact with a ref, I don’t see anything wrong with how that played out… other than the fact that the taunting rule is, in general, stupid.