ESPN 2022 Redraft

ESPN put up a redraft.

Paywalled but highlights for Lions:

  1. At number 2 pick does not change obviously
  2. They don’t have a trade with Vikings and at 12 they have the Vikings taking Jameson Williams
  3. Lions pick at 32 here without the trade and pick Devin Lloyd
  4. Lions still pick at 34 and take Josh Paschal
  5. James Houston is now drafted in second round at 58 to Falcons

If anything else you want to know from the article let me know and will put it here.

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Houston at 58? Nah

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So basically in a redraft other teams would raid our players that we drafted and we would be stuck with the players that they drafted. :joy:

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Who was number 1?

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Did Kerby go round 2!? If not, they are nuts.


Im sure he would make it into the 1st after his record start…

Sauce went 1 to the Jags.

Also curious where Kirby and Rodrigo landed

They only did first 2 rounds and they did not have them in first 2 rounds.

where did travon walker and thibs go?

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If the Lions had drafted Sauce at 2 he wouldn’t even be top 10 on the the redraft.

Friggin’ paywall…

Thibs stayed at his spot at #5
Walker went 15 to Philadelphia

Also of note Purdy went #4 to the Jets.

4 sacks gets the kid the #5 overall pick. Incredible.

But so far its gone down just like I thought it would. The kid is a JAG for most of the season but showed up for a primetime game (because that’s when he actually tries to play hard) and suddenly people who watched the game think that is the norm.

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Play in NY and show up in primetime and ESPN talking heads always eat that up. Nothing new.

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Here is a visual representation of it. I put a small red mark next to the 2 “primetime” games he played this season. There is a noticeable uptick in QB hits in one game and overall tackling and production in the other. This is who he is.


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