ESPN on trading Stafford?

Anyone have ESPN plus?

I don’t see how it’s feasible considering the cap hit. But I’d consider it. If the Jags dropped a couple 1st rounders it would be hard for us to pass.

I have finally lost hope in Stafford leading us to the Super Bowl. He just can’t seem to elevate those around him. He’s making rookie mistakes still and it’s just baffling how it appears he’s fallen off. Too many hits to the head? I don’t know but he doesn’t look the same anymore.

And no, sorry I don’t have ESPN+.

Under center more.

He looked bad in 2014, too, when he was also under center more.

MLive has it.

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According to Sportrac the Lions would incur a $49,000,000 cap hit if we traded him in 2019 and only a $20,000,000 if we wait until 2020.

We start with ~$38 million in cap space and can shave another $18mil by cutting some fat (Lang = 9mil, Quin= 6mil, Riddick = 3.4mil) we could have nearly $56mil in cap space entering free agency. I just cannot see eating the Stafford cap hit and not be able to sign anybody else except our incoming rookie class.

Quin needs to go. He was playing at half speed all year. I’d hate to see Lang go. He’s a good locker room guy and leader on the line. If only he could stay healthy

I like Over the Cap drop down.

Only (lol, only) $30M hit for trade. The $49M is only if we cut him.

Trading Stafford now is stupid. If you want to draft a QB early that’s fine. Then you sit them year one.

The problem with the groom the replacement strategy is that aside from Kyler Murray I don’t love anybody in this draft. Haskins is intriguing. I’m just not sure. I’m totally sold on Tua and Trevor Lawrence and likely will be on Justin Fields but those are ‘20 and ‘21 guys.

I still believe that our best chance at having a 11-5ish team is to get Stafford into a simpler system and get him lots of weapons. And if that’s the plan we can’t really afford to
use a high level pick on a QB this year. Maybe you can get a Minshew type in round 4-5 and perhaps it hits. That’s more of the approach that I could see Quinn opting for.

I would suggest that adding another true game breaker at RB and fixing guard are paramount to our turnaround. Quinn and Patricia are close to fixing the running game. That alone would be huge for the franchise.

Nice catch. As long as he’s traded by 3/16. He’s due is roster bonus by that time which the lions would have to eat if he’s not traded by then.