ESPN Win rates

We have one player in the top ten of one category. Pass Block win rate for Center: Ragnow ranked 10th

32nd for team Pass Rush win rate

22nd for team Run Stop win rate

22nd for team Pass Block win rate

13th for team Run Block win rate

No surprise on the pass rush metric. I am a little surprised that our Oline is grading mediocre at best this year. Our only lineman to crack a top ten list is Rags at number 10 for pass block win. The combined Oline win rate is a meager 17.5 out of 32

If we do move on from Goff and draft a top QB, the team has to do a better job protecting him and giving him better weapons. We wouldn’t be setting them up for success

Business as usual.

We’re 4th in the NFL in yards per carry. I guess Jamaal Williams is just that good that he doesn’t need blocking. Or… this is crap. Tough choice.

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so what you are saying is “Goff is exceeding expectations despite mediocre O-line play”.

I guess that depends on expectations. But we certainly aren’t helping him succeed

That might be skewed by several long runs early in the year when Swift was healthy. Those stats aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. It just really means they are inconsistent and injury riddled

Jamaal is averaging 4.5 yards per carry himself. Barry Sanders averaged 5.0 over his career.

More stats.
No WRs…so focus on the run!
Poor rating for any pass-related stat should not shock anyone

It rates individual win/loss battles along the Oline. Given the dismal performances by Stenberg, and our merry band of backups it’s not surprising it drove down the overall win rate. I am a little surprised we didn’t see Sewell on the lists

Yup. It’s the trickle down effect. If you have a massively effective front 4 on defense, and the DBs only have to cover for 1 second…the DBs look good.
If you have a shitty DL, and they have to cover for 5 seconds, the DBs look bad.

Now, take the same principle and apply it to not having WRs. We have a bunch of 16 year old stock boys playing WR, so nobody’s open. Defenses can afford to get more aggressive as the O gets more predictable.

This is why stat arguments are never my favorite.

Compare Barry’s stats to other stats, and he’s one of the best ever.
Look at what actually happened on the field, and he’s the best by light years…nothing ever close to him ever…anywhere…by miles.

You have to watch the games.
Stats are not completely worthless…just mostly.

Bottom line, I really like our OL. Best we’ve had in my lifetime by a mile

So win rates are determined how? Some dude who never played the game because of his chronic asthma reviews film and decides subjectively when an OL wins or loses on a play?


It’s a valid question. Here’s the ESPN explanation. I don’t present it as gospel but worth a note that their win rates agree with PFF

Pretty much. And its also determined in a vacuum. Jadeveon Clowney’s career high is 9.5 sacks. He’s never even hit double digits in nearly a decade of playing NFL football. But he has consistently shown up near the top of the pass rush “win rate” stats.

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Honestly, the folks who think Goff and/or JWilliams have been merely average - if they give 'em that much - have zero clue.

JG came into this weekend the 13th-ranked QB in the league. That’s with an OLine whose actual performance has been mediocre and an offense missing their top skill guys for most/all of the season. JW has been an absolute stud.

Maaaan. Just begging that we sometime get to see this team, this offense, w/relative good health.

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