Evaluating Lions' Chances of First-to-Worst Meltdown

It’s all about Christen Harper’s husband.

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Buffalo has a MUCH higher chance of falling flat on its face


#1 @FreebirdPartDeux that picture is captivating.

#2 @DBend144 agreed on Buffalo. A QB that already throws picks is much likely.

I feel like the Lions exist outside the odds and it isn’t worth contemplating

I just hope they don’t completely shit the bed

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We will not be fielding Erik Kramer.
We will not be fielding Brett Perriman.
We will not be fielding Marc Spindler.
We will not be fielding Scott Conover.
We will not be coached by Wayne Fontes.

The bed will be fine.

I didn’t see any evaluation in the article.

what used to kill the old wayne fontes squad going repeatedly from 1st to worst was 1) the harder schedule
2) taking advantage of the weak schedule
3) believing they had ‘arrived’

and some mention for swapping out coordinators for even worse ones.

had we kept tom moore the entire time who knows what would’ve happened.

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Didnt he only do that once in 1991 to 1992… or am i misrembering?

After 1993 they didnt get first again but they also went 9-7 in 1994.

Hey now… Perriman was pretty good for us.

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