Even MORE magic beans talk

I just saw this in a conversation in the athletic between guys covering the Lions and Rams. It seems that the Rams really do view high draft picks as magic beans, which is why they’re more than willing to deal them for proven players. Say what you want about “building the right way,” this approach has certainly put the Rams in position for deep playoff runs the last few years.

But they raise an interesting point here: should we expect the same kind of aggressive approach from the Lions now? How would you feel about that? For myself, I’m fine trying to win with a leeetle but more urgency than the last regime.

Externally, the headlines are wild, but the Rams have, since McVay came on board in 2017, viewed first-round picks as movement capital and not as draft capital (buckle in if Brad Holmes decides to run things the same way). This means that they see proven players as higher in value than an unknown draft pick. They also are showing a bit of their ego, here — not necessarily in a negative sense — because by giving away their first-round picks through 2024, they believe they’ll be competitive enough each year for those picks to be in the late part of each first round. They don’t see enough data to back a discernible difference between that possible draft pick and the guy they’ll end up taking in the second round. So, it’s wild to watch at first, but when factoring in their logic, the vision makes sense.

Look at my thread with all of the first-round picks from 20-32 from 2014-2018.

The list of guys seems to prove that the Rams are correct in not overvaluing those picks.

Seattle also seems to not worry too much about their firsts. It’s slow, but I think you’re seeing the gap close between perceived value and actual value of draft picks.

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Every player in the NFL was once a “magic bean”.

Teams are built through the draft.

Hence, teams are built through these “magic beans”.

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I did catch that, thank you for putting it together. I think Lions fans have been conditioned over the last couple decades to assume that we will just sit tight and pick whoever’s there when our turn comes up. Generally, that seemed to be Bob Quinn‘s, and Mayhew’s, approach to the first round. I get the sense Brad Holmes, at least judging by the Rams’ recent history, views those picks more as resources to be deployed to move up and down the board targeting specific guys you want over the next three years. Fingers crossed, I guess.


What’s interesting about all this talk is that Aaron Donald was acquired with a magic bean. Without the hands down best defensive player in the NFL would the Rams have experienced the same level of success? Would this conversation be the same? Take him off that team and I’m not sure we’re discussing things the same way.

So it’s a bit disingenuous to just chalk this whole thing up to “the Rams think magic beans are stupid and they don’t need them” when a magic bean put then in the situation they are in.


It’s important to note that they are among league-leaders in the # of starters who’ve been on their team (that they drafted) for 4+ years.

They recognize the importance of building a core through the draft. They just trust their ability to draft successfully with picks outside of the 1st.


Where would the Rams be today w/o first round pick Aaron Donald? You gotta know when to hold 'em…

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Where would they be if they traded away their first round pick for a good player instead of taking Tavon Austin or Greg Robinson (the guy they took ahead of Donald)? Gotta know when to fold 'em.


Gotta have Magic Beans to makeMagic Beans…


So what happens when these ‘proven players’ age out and you have no draft picks to replenish your roster?

All 7 rounds of draft picks are gone? This is where we are going now? LOL

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So what you are saying is they are going to find all their talent in the 4-7 round? The rest they will trade for?


I posted in another thread, lack of success of even first round QBs. Matt Stafford, Phil Rivers, and Matt Ryan were the only 3 QBs to spend 10 plus years with a team and not have at least 1 ring.

Newton was 9 years with a SB loss and an MVP
Ryan 13 years with SB loss, other playoff wins, MVP

Rivers had 5 playoff wins, 8 pro bowls, better stats across the board, and at least made AFC Championship with 4 division titles…

Goff clearly fits those 3 guys above more so than Stafford. By far in accomplishments. 4th quarter comebacks against bad teams and passing yards per games on 5-6 win teams

So yes, I’ll take Goff over magic beans any day. Lance a year out of football and no tape against a single other nfl caliber player? Zach Wilson would have cost a fortune to move up for, and I’d take even money he doesn’t accomplish what Goff or even Stafford has. Fields football IQ looks questionable at times. He’s does seem more mature, and a more likable guy than Wilson, so he’s likely the safest of the 3.

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Just curious have you seen a new stafford enthusiast pop up the rams board “JRRAMS”??


You just said they wouldn’t have any picks.

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FWIW, I’m not necessarily a fan of the “Wheee! Sell everything for a big-name free agent flavor of the week because screw it!” approach to team building. Great teams are built on great players, and great players are almost always drafted.

That said, I’m ready for a front office that acts with some more damn urgency to win NOW. Screw 5 years from now, if you sell out to make a super bowl run, and you do it, you’ll be forgiven for having to rebuild later. We’ve spent way too long with GMs who were way too comfortable acting like they had all the time in the world.


You can put their 2nd and 3rd rounders up against the entire NFCs 1st rounders from 20-32 over the last 5 years.

When you have an established winner and are constantly drafting in the 20’s and 30’s that strategy makes a bit more sense. Seems Campbell wants to get there through some good draft picks first. And it seems as though we have a talent evaluation-by-committee approach that will hopefully allow us to pick wisely.

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Once we have established a base level of competency I think we are going to be extremely aggressive.

Especially if the Rams win a Superbowl because that will serve as proof of concept.

This simply isn’t true.

First off it hasn’t fully worked yet. No ring!

We forget quickly that the guy who threw 4,500 yards and 35 tds, the pro bowler, the… same guy the Rams adored enough to extend 2 years early last year, his production had a lot to do with their SB…

Secondly- regardless of Gregg Robinson, they “did” draft A Donald. Best defender, maybe player in the league- #12 overall

Thirdly- they drafted Todd Gurley #10 overall and his 17 and 18 production was like few RBs have ever done before, he was prime Barry or LT for 2 years.

Fourth- Michael Brockers was the #14 overall pick

So I would guess a young Pro Bowl QB, top 3 defender all time, and a RB who had MVP conversation seasons back to back might have been what took them from garbage to contending in 2 years.

They avoided magic beans by-

Trading 2nd and EJ Gaines for S Watkins- that 2nd was used to move up in Trade for J Allen- that worked out better for Bills than Rams.

Trading a 3rd and 5th netted Rookie WR Collin Johnson and 2nd year ST LB Q Williams. Johnson looked decent in limited time this year… for about 16 games with D Fowler.

The Rams traded a first round pick #23 overall to the Patriots who draft Isaiah Wynn who graded out as an 82.6 pff tackle. Pats have him for 3 more years at least and Cooks had one good, and one bad year for Rams.

Rams then traded Cooks and a 4th (2022) for a 2nd which they got Van Jefferson with.

Then they traded for J Ramsey and it cost them picks used for K Chaisson at DE and a first round plus this year.

The main issue is the money they paid Cooks and then dead cap they are to move him. They money they paid Goff and dead cap they ate. The money they paid Fowler. The money they paid Ramsey.

So yes- they will have a higher batting average with their magic beans.

But they could have simply drafted good players like they did with Donald, Goff, Brockers, Gurley, Kupp etc…

And then used the whole free agency program the rest of teams use?