Everson Griffen

He just announced that he isn’t signing with the Vikings.
I know he’s getting up there in years but I wonder if he’s worth a shot, still a productive player and you know he’ll be motivated to line up against his old team a couple of times a year. DE is one of the Lions obvious needs.

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He had the 14th highest pressure-rate in the league last year. This guy would be solid in a Lions uni.


Comes down to money. I’m good with him coming here.


Lions desperately need pressure from the DL.


I’m just glad he’s leaving the Vikings. Love him here if possible.

I wanted him when he slipped in draft. I’d love this on a 2 year deal!

Yes please !!

I’d sign him and still draft Young. We need playmakers on the field.


I’ve been saying it for awhile. Plus he knows the defense of the Vikings

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Was gonna post the same thing.
Signing Griffen shouldn’t keep us from drafting Young.
The more game changing defensive players on the field, the better.

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That would be naaaaaastyyyy
Love the idea!

Between 2015-2019, Griffen’s had 10 sacks in 10 games against the Lions. Would be nice to have him on our side for a change.


Yasss please. What a great mentor for Chase Young. He could come in and show Young all the tricks of the trade. Might even show Flowers how it’s not against the law to tackle the QB. All of a sudden pass rush might not be so fuckin’ bad!

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I bet if we sign Griffen he will get 8 sacks or more. Dude knows Minny pretty good, and could help with Younger kids.

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Agree. Not signing him, while sitting on a bunch of cash as the free agent market dries up, really doesn’t make sense after our pass rush was abysmal last year.

One year won’t kill us at all next year too.

He’d be a great addition

Tried a quick search, but is there data out there for % of double teams? I hear people say that Flowers was double teamed alot, but my eyes say otherwise. Just wondering if we could compare the number of snaps to a guy like Flowers to Griffen and then compare the percentage of double teams they faced. That would show a much clearer picture.

Man, I wish Danielle Hunter left! He has dominated our line that pass couple seasons