Extra ticket today's game

If your interested let me know I can send the ticket electronically


Wish I could !! I live in Dallas though . Super nice of you .

Already in the Club drinking :slight_smile:

I didn’t go to this game. I had neck surgery about a month ago. the pain and vertigo is driving me insane.

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Hope you feel better soon sir!

Thanks I’m just chilling in the lazy boy today.

Hope it’s a good game and I hope we do better running the ball than we did last week.

Degenerated discs? I’m afraid I’m going to have to have this surgery someday as well. My mother-in-law had a disc from a cadaver installed in her neck.

She can now blame the other person for all her back troubles!! I said this when they wanted to put a cadaver tendon in me… that I’d finally have someone to blame!! Other than me :wink:

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Me too. It’s my second neck surgery in 3 years. I have a bunch of hardware in their now.

Yuck, sorry bro.

Sorry to hear that, Air. I can totally empathize. Been dealing with vertigo for 20 years, and neck pain (2 ruptured discs, 1 herniated) for almost 10.
Hope you’re feeling better soon.
Hey, are you on high dose Ibuprofen? It can cause dizziness. Been there, they had to switch me back to naproxen.

I was but I switch to Moloxicam. It’s far stronger than Motrin and doesn’t upset my stomach. It helps me more than Motrin 800’s did. Helps with swelling and joint pain real well. I highly recommend it for joint pain. It’s not as good for muscle pain though.

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20 years of Vertigo?

I’d have long went insane. Vertigo sucks especially in the morning. Do you seem to be worse in the morning or afternoon? Mornings are bad for me right now unless I sleep sitting up. For some reason if I sleep laying down I sleep better but get extreme vertigo for hours in the mornings.