Fake: Stafford to Colts per Rapoport

Just seen deal is in place Jacob Eason is part of it.


It’s being reported that deal is in place

You posted a link to login to facebook.

Eason better be a throw in. He’s got a ton of talent so I don’t hate him being in the deal but he better not be a big part of it.

Tbh I hope they leaked this to drive up a counter offer.

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Can you guys ever remember a wave of Lions news quite like this? Just keeps on coming.

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laugh cry GIF

I can’t this is just NUTS.

This is fake


Come on folks. That doesn’t even look remotely legit.

Shit. My bad. Didn’t look at it closely enough

Nice try.

Jesus, some people have too much time on their hands.

Is the big payoff for spoofing Rap’s account fooling some dorks on a message board?

FYI, Rappaport is @rapsheet… Not @rapsheeeettt :joy:

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There is also a second fake RappaReport. Wish Twitter would delete that shit

That’s not Rapoport’s Twitter.

Come on, people.

LAME. Delete this thread.

Nah, they’ve got to censor presidents, but not fake accounts :joy: