Falco s release Donte Fowler

Good edge rush player. Kick the tires.

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I’d bring him in for a workout to see how he looks. Still only 27 years old, former top 5 pick. He had 11.5 sacks a couple years ago with the Rams.

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Replace a Flower with a Fowler?


Risky, but they might be able to salvage some of the jerseys in the inventory room.


Yes but this one isnt a mayflower


It’s a no for me.

He has/had a good outside speed rush but that’s about it. He’s not great against the run. He can’t beat above average tackles at all. He gets engulfed.

His best year was benefiting from playing along side Donald and stunting. Donald flushes QBs to the ends.

The Rams definitely fleeced the Falcons twice in sending Fowler and Gurley.


Yippee ki yay Mr. Falcon


Same. I’d rather jokwara get the reps and keep developing. He offers the same skill set as Fowler does right now but he’s younger, bigger and has a higher ceiling.

The lions need to break the pattern of giving up on young players for veterans only to see them thrive on other teams. War daddy, Robinson, tonyan, Avril, Tomlinson, just a handful I can name off the top of my head.


Good point. Great teams develop and keep their players. Let’s hope that is what B. Holmes is planning to do.

Think of all the draft picks we’ve wasted replacing young talent we’ve let walk over the years. That’s a huge reason the lions are always a mediocre roster. They give up on young talent quickly and then have to spend resources to replace them. Other teams keep them and then use those resources to continue adding more good players.


Even worse sometimes the young players suck for us and go play great in other places. That’s a sign of poor coaching in previous regimes.

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Poor coaching but also a lack of patience by the front office. Some of these guys need several years to realize their potential. Some need different schemes. But I’m constantly amazed by how many former lions players are thriving on other teams.

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J Okwara is an excellent comparable to Fowler. He didn’t have the year that Fowler did but he also wasn’t alongside Donald.

I like J Okwara’s youth and speed over Fowler. Agree in developing him versus taking on a more expensive vet with not much upside


And Julian had more sacks than Fowler did this past year. The one major wildcard for the Lions is his brother Romeo, will he come back strong? Sure hope so. Still drafting Hutch @ #2.

I think Hutch, and the Okwara Boys would be a good 3 headed monster on the edge to get after QB’s. might even bring back Charles Harris to make it a 4 man rotation, if the price is right on Harris that is.

I feel like he is a huge bust. His 11. 5 one season he played with Donald. If the lions could get something out of him that would be awesome…but history says he is supposed to be an 11-12 sack guy a season and he, in reality, is a 3-5 sack a season guy.

He had 2 decent seasons, he had another season with 8 sacks with the Jags. But, clearly hasn’t lived up to the 3rd pick in the draft that’s for sure. He’s got 35 career sacks, which of course is more than any current Lion, lol including Trey Flowers and Brockers.

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Thanks! I think the first time I heard that on TV I must have rewound it 20 times.

Falco died in a car crash in 1998. It can be Vienna Calling or Brad Holmes calling, but he’s not going to answer.