Falcons to interview Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh on Monday; Saleh to interview with Lions this week

Falcons to interview Eric Bieniemy, Robert Saleh on Monday; Saleh to interview with Lions this week (nfl.com)

So, are the Lions and Falcons going to interview HC candidates without a GM in place? Or have they already selected the GM?

Fantastic Point! Been saying this for awhile, we need to make the GM hire quickly b/c HC are free agents right now. Let’s get going!

Coaches are seen as more important and thus hired first these days. GM is more the FO administration working for the coach.


Short answer…Wrong

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We need to have a GM in place by the weekend. They should know who they want by that point

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I think the Lions know whom they want for p GM based upon whom they can hire as HC. Wouldn’t be shocked at all if they hire the HC first this time round.

Fully expect Saleh to be hired right after his interview followed by the GM.

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Who needs a GM when we have Woodman?

:expressionless: funny

Schefter says we’re interviewing Bieniemy today and Saleh later this week. I think one of those 2 will end up being our HC.

I could see Spielman really pushing for Campbell who could be a dark horse seems like they are cut from the same cloth.Thats a name I hadent heard about till now.

I think Saleh being the later interview gives him the leg up. Just guessing obviously.

Let’s them talk to both hot guys before making the decision. Like they expect Bieniemy to take another job.

Chargers job just opened up which really hurts the Lions in my opinion.

Here’s the schedule of who the Lions are interviewing this week:


I think Bienemy is a good fit there. He played for the Chargers, went to school in Los Angeles and even coached at UCLA for a little bit.

I wonder if the idea is, there are so many openings and so much competition, you can’t have a situation where you are spending a week or two identifying and installing your GM, then he’s hiring his people, THEN you get started on a coaching search.

That approach will see a lot of the best quality people already snatched up in this cycle.

If some of the groundwork, and even first interviews, can occur already, maybe you show your new GM when he’s hired video of those interviews as a means to start the evaluation and speed it.

I predict Bieniemy to go there or Houston

I just got off the phone with Bienemy and told him not to go to Houston. I think he’s going to take my advice, because his response was “how in the F did you get this number? I’m calling the cops!” So its a done deal, IMO.


I guarantee a lot is being done behind the scenes through agents as it relates to which HC’s certain GM’s are interested in working with and vise versa.

I’m also hearing that we will have both our GM and HC in place within 2 weeks.