If the Falcons blow this game, going into the 4th with a 16 point lead, you have to think their HC will get the ax.

Yeah, the Bears are a whole different team with Foles at the helm.

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Atlanta MAY be worse than the Lions in the 4th quarter

And Matty “not so ice”.

Yikes. See ya, Dan Quinn.

It’s blown

Something about Matt’s blowing leads.

It used to be his blood. Now it’s just his play.

Falcons never really recovered from the 28-3 fiasco. That one game still pwns them. Lions just do it more consistently, but the Falcons do it in style.

Quick point. Vilma is exactly right. This is all about the mental game. I know that’s what Detroit’s issue is, but remember that Quinn/Patricia went out and got “battle tested” Patriots with big game experience in order to help with that. Those guys are leading the charge for failing as much as the rookies and young guys.

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