Fans who bragged about their 40 times run actual 40-yard dashes


Damn Packers. …always trying to cheat!

My best was 4.8. I bet I could do a solid 14.8 now.

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When I was 21, I could run a 4.60 40, but that was purely straight line speed. I had almost no lateral agility or quickness.

At 56 I can run a 4.40 40 right now. What’s wrong with you all?

I thought I was slow. Heck my grandson says, papa, can you really run 40 feet in 4 mins 40 secs? You bet son, you bet!!


Is it just me or can you just hear the inner monologue busting out of that Packers fans head?

“OMG. Pretty girl. Pretty girl. Stay calm. Don’t screw this up. Don’t screw this up, AGAIN. Play it cool. Play it cool. OMG, she wants me to say something. What do I say? What do I say?”

I used to think I’d be proud of myself if I could break 5 seconds. These days, breaking 6 would be my reach goal.


There is a very small percentage of the population that can actually run under 5.0.

I have never looked for real numbers but I would be willing to guess its 5%…maybe.

Most people hear the numbers 4.7…4.8 and think yeah…i could do that.

No…no you cant. At least not without training like a professional athlete for 6 months.

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My sub 5’s came during 2 a day’s senior year of high school, and again immediately following Army one-stop training. Only times I had ever been timed. I’d agree that it isn’t easy and one needs to be in peak condition and have better than average athletic abilities.

My fastest back in high school was a 5.1, I was more of a long distance guy, but I disliked running overall.

Might be able to break 5.25 as long as the girl I was chasing could only run 5.26.

Well, that’s a little creepy lol…

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I was always the fastest on most teams I was on. I kind of wish I knew what my 40 was back then, not sure I’d want to know what my 40 is now.

Mine would be somewhere between glacial and molasses in winter.

I could probably drink a 40 faster than I could run it! LOL
Forget that, I can’t drink like i used to either.

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