Fantasy Drafts

I am currently in the midst of my 2nd of 2 fantasy drafts that I will be participating in this season. My team is already stacked, so I am trying to get all of the Lions on my team.

I currently have:

St. Brown
Hockenson (stole him in the 9th, he’s why I started going after all the Lions)
Jamaal Williams

Detroit defense

I can’t get Reynolds or Goff because I don’t have the space on my team for them.

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I have a team on espn called Lions of Detroit and its lions players only. I do it every year.

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One strategy I am trying this year is to grab the starting RB and QB from a team, ensuring you should grab 85 to 90% of the team touchdowns.

Mahomes and CEH

Lamar and Dobbins (RISKY!)

Herbert and Ekeler.

Guys you think at RB that will have a high share of the rushes…


This lets me focus on high TD WRs and avoid playing eeny-meeny-miney with WR situations like KC, GB, etc where there is a committee approach instead of an Alpha Dog.

Safe to say that team doesn’t win often…haha

VERY safe to say. 2-15 last year :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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