Farmington Hills vs Shelby Twnshp

I would like to hear members opinions, both pros and cons.
I’m considering moving.

I currently live in Shelby, I have a buddy in Farmington but I don’t know much about it.

Shelby Pro’s:

Good schools
Easy access to everything (freeways, shopping etc…)
Taxes are relatively low
Water is super inexpensive here (see cons also)
Lots of bars, restaurants & entertainment nearby
Stony Creek and River Bends
People are decent here, not a lot of trash or problems overall
Mostly Conservative/Republican if that’s your thing
Traffic sucks but is better than the Farmington area
City services (Police, Fire, Waste mgmt etc…) are very good overall

Shelby Cons:

The water quality is not good. It has a funny taste & smell to it. Get a whole house purifier for sure
Farther away from downtown Detroit if you travel there a lot for events
Roads are mediocre, Not sure if Farmington is better or not
Housing prices are HIGH right now

That’s about it off the top of my head.

Really appreciate your sharing, useful data.
I’m not one to share my political leanings in public forums, so that shouldn’t be a issue.
Unless my reluctance would make me a target.

Trust me, I def don’t want this thread to take that turn. We don’t need more arguing and locked threads here. Just reporting what I have seen in my 10+ years here.

It is definitely the nicest city I have ever lived in but that might not be saying much, most of my life was spent living between 6 and 12 mile in houses worth 1/2 as much as this one.

A few other things of note that I forgot the first time around:

Utica/Jimmy John’s Stadium is only a few miles away

Romeo/Armada area is about 10-12 minutes away (lots of farmers market/vegetable stands etc…)

I’m not sure if all of Shelby is like this but I get 3 rolling garbage cans (trash, recycling & yard waste) and it’s around $15/month

I will PM you a couple other things.