Fast forward

strong textOne year from today who are considered our five best offensive players? Our five best defenders?

O - Ragnow, Sewell, St Brown, Hock and Jamo.
I want to put Jamo at 1, but don’t think he’ll play till week 6 or later. Then I’d expect some rusty games from him. Also really wanted to put Swift in there, but being an RB, he’ll likely be beat up for a game here and there.
D - Hutch, Walker, Amani Owu, Alim and Okudah.

O- Sewell, Brown, J-Will, an RB that we draft next year , and Ragnow
D - Hutch, DT we draft within the next year, Okudah, LB we haven’t drafted yet, and McNeil?

Cheating. Pick a 5th.

Dijon Mustard. :wink:

Bijan Mustard isn’t eligible for this list either.

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Has to be current roster then?
I’ll add Fox…as often as he passes on 4th down, I’m counting him as an offensive player

I don’t want to use rookies from next class. That means we had another shitty year. I’m trying to be a little positive Natty!

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Okay. I’ll give you Fox. He’s got that arm too and Dan is probably just going to fake punt every fourth down anyhow.

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I’ll go (in order):

  • Sewell, Ragnow, Jamo, St. Brown, Decker
  • Hutch, AO, Ch. Harris, Okudah, Alim

Man, I hope Harris stays as productive as he was last year. He just “feels” like a drop off/one year wonder contender.

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His PFF metrics suggest otherwise though I think we all have some skepticism about their metrics.

Offense: Sewell, Ragnow, St Brown, Hockenson, Swift

Defense: Hutchinson, Okudah, McNeil, Walker, AO

Just putting these names down you realize how good our offense has a chance to be. I left off Jameson because I expect him to be handled with kid gloves this year and with our depth at WR I’m not sure if he will ever reach 50+ snaps a game this season. He’s definitely a top 3 player in terms of talent, but don’t think the production is going to be crazy this year.

You can call be nuts, but all 5 of these guys on offense are Pro Bowl caliber players. Jonah Jackson and Goff have made the pro bowl before we well and Decker and Jameson have that potential as well. Call me crazy, but that’s 9 of 11 players on our offense that have made the pro bowl (Goff, Hockenson, Jackson), or have that type of potential.

I even left off Chark who has made a Pro Bowl as well. Wow

Offense - Sewell, Ragnow, Decker, Jamo and
St.Brown…really wanted to add Goff or Swift.

Defense - Hock, AO, Levi, Alim and Walker.

This exercise shows me how much better talent wise we are on offense vs. defense.

Big V and Jonah deserve their props as well.

Offense: Sewell, Ragnow, Hock, Swift, St. Brown

  • Sleeper due to injury timetable questions: Jamo
  • WILD CARD: Jared Goff

Defense: Hutch, AO, Okudah, McNeil, Walker

  • Sleeper due to injury timetable questions: Jerry Jacobs
  • WILD CARD: Derrick Barnes


  1. Ragnow
  2. Sewell
  3. Goff
  4. Hock
  5. St Brown
  • until Sewell is an All Pro level player, it’s safer to assume Rags regains his spot as a top 2-3 center.

  • Sewell adding muscle, learning the playbook, gaining a half year at RT could allow him to be a top 3-4 RT this year?

  • call me a Kool Aid junkie, but I think with Hock, Swift, ASB, Chark and half a year with Jamo- along with the OL and a better year long scheme, and I have no reason to believe 2017-2018 level Goff or better isn’t fairly likely. Our OL, WRs and RB/TE should all be better than what he finished with last year, and he finished 11-2 td/into and 3-3-1…?

  • Hock played his healthy half of the year with a QB thrust into an awful spot, and zero WR talent to takencdouble team attention away from him. He’s solid enough to help in the run game, and improving year by year in the pass game. With a better OL, and some outside threats to take attention away from him, he will be healthy and facing better assignments all year!

  • ASB he’s always open and never drops the ball…. I think he’s a plug and play 85 catch, 950 yards and 6 TD slot….

———. This leaves Swift, Jamo, Chark, and Decker off the list- could be pretty damn good!


  1. Hutch
  2. AO
  3. McNeil
  4. C Harris
  5. Walker
  • I think Hutch will be a day one disruptive force, and a Chase Young plus rookie year is on the horizon. 8 sacks more hurries

  • AO- I’d love to extend him now. I wanted him in round 2 the year we took him in 5. I think he has the body and athleticism to be ab impact play maker. He’s got a clear path to snaps, and I hope he earns the big pay day I expect him to get.

  • McNeil had too much baby fat last year. He looks vastly different right now. His admittance to having a problem with snacks, and disciple to get jacked and drop 15 pounds will make him a low center of gravity force. He already moved pretty fluidly for a big guy, but I think his new body will amount to a 4-6 sack season from the inside.

  • C Harris was a first round talent. He was stuck in a Matt Patricia like mess his first two years in Miami, and was pretty productive per snap in Atlanta. I like his run game discipline and believe he has 6-8 sacks in him again this year.

  • T Walker has some pass rush, and a scheme in front of him now. I think we see that turn into more impact plays.

—— the fact that Romeo, Okudah, Joseph, Levi, and Paschal aren’t on my list gives me optimism about the defenses potential upside.

LB and DT are the only starting units that scare me, and CB depth and health has me a bit uneasy. I’d also love a bell cow RB…



In next years drsft and does big on a LB?