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Please provide a short synopsis of the game today. Most interested in how the #1s and 2s did on offense and defense did. Spent to much time at the 19th hole and want a quick recap. Thanks in advance

No #1s. Offensive line was very good. Running game was excellent. Passing game was adequate but didn’t stretch the field at all.

Run defense was excellent. Pass defense was not.

Special teams was good.


From a player perspective….

the bad….
Will Harris struggled.
Jashon Cornell still hasn’t moved the needle.
Back-up QBs were just meh… as expected.
Kerby Joseph had a miscommunication that led to a TD.
Safety play on the whole was not impressive.
Jermar Jefferson didn’t do much with his reps.

the good…
Austin Bryant was dominant…. had 2 sacks.
Demetrius Taylor lived in the backfield… couldn’t be blocked with single teams.
Run defense was really good.
James Mitchell made his debut and caught a few balls, had a few nice blocks.
2nd string O- line was good in running game.
Tom Kennedy had 2 TDs and continued to look like a NFL WR.
Benson was solid… had several grabs.
Maurice Alexander looked like Mel Gray in the KR game.
Zylstra had about 5 catches… a couple were nice grabs.
Justin Jackson had about 35 yards on 1st two carries.
kick coverage was solid against KR and PR.

Colts are supposed to be a deep roster and are also several years ahead of Lions since they started building under Reich/Ballard… and I think the Lions 2nd/3rd teams really outplayed them. Colts had better QB play… but that wasn’t enough to overcome the physical advantage the Lions had today.



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I feel like the stats from today paint a pretty accurate picture… team and player wise.

Biggest thing I took away was we dominated the trenches on both sides for the whole game. Don’t care if it’s preseason, that’s an encouraging sign!

Most of the #1’s didnt play on offense.

Number 2’s were regular. Neither runny nor constepated.

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Bryant played well. The run game was good. Reynolds is the 3rd back and Jackson is a good 3rd down option, liked his speed. Kennedy played well. I don’t think Mike Hughes makes the 53. Think there is a reality where Cephus and a okwara get cut.

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