Favorite day 3 safeties

Seems we prize versatility so I’m not sure it’s either or with Garner. Although we already have Iffy so maybe a pure thumper is the way to go.

Yeah that’s fair. He’s definitely a guy I think we could be targeting regardless of what we think his final spot might be.

I like Sydney and Jayir Brown but I see them as day 2 picks. I do like Jason Taylor but I can see all the guys you listed making a roster. It seems that big void we have between our 3rd and 5th picks would be an ideal spot to grab a S. I hope we make a trade down at some point to add some picks.

His athletic profile is strikingly similar to Iffy’s

I think enough will make it to the 5-7th round for Brad. Drafting safety in that range seems to be his specialty. If not these guys than some others. These just happen to be some of my faves and most of them generally go pretty late on the sims.

Yeah sheesh, borderline identical:

Hopefully Garner will do the agility testing at his pro day.

Though Iffy’s hands are strangely tiny comparatively.

Anthony Johnson jr, Iowa State but he would be a 7th and we don’t have one.

UDFA maybe?


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