Favorite NON BARRY moment

Let’s face it, Barry’s moments were so frequent and memorable we literally remember where we were standing when they occurred.

Share yours and let’s all enjoy.

Mine was definitely the Stafford Bears game.

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Stafford moments - mine is the same as yours. CRUSHED the bears at night. You could feel the reverberation from the noise in the seats in front of you.


And because it was Stafford’s rookie season. That was the moment our fans loved him in full.

I remember seeing him get crushed and then thinking “well that’s the end of our top pick”

Getting hosed in Dallas. I understand that it says “Favorite” moment and it really is. I will never forget the fuckery.

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BTW, I agree. I was at that game. It was electric.

What’s amazing that, as a rookie, he knew the rule about his ability to come back in after a timeout.

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That would’ve been an amazing game to be at. Jealous c

Stafford Browns. All day. Probably top 3, Barry included.

  1. Barry breaks 2k v Jets, propels us to playoffs
  2. Matt’s disclosed shoulder vs Browns
  3. Last season’s win at Green Bay

Matt was Detroit grit before it was cool.


Love Matt miked up for comeback against the Browns…shiukder and all…

NFL films legendary masterpiece

With the last game of the regular season, they prevented the Packers from getting into the playoffs plus sent Rodgers out of the division with an interception being his last pass for Greebay…then being in the season opener defeating the reigning Super Bowl champs…before Taylor came along. LOL!

The 1991 playoff win by far. Not even close.

Yes Barry played in that game but really wasn’t one of his best games. The Lions defense was outstanding and we dominated the Cowgirls

Eric Kramer had the game of his life


Calvin’s crazy game against Dallas was deeply gratifying.

The hook-and-ladder last year against Green Bay was awesome.

Goff’s game-winner to ARSB a couple of years ago for our first win.

We’ve had some moments.


Stafford Browns game was great.

I also remember that Monday night game when Jahvid Best went off. Those were fun times.

Tracy Scroggins hitting Mike Tomczak so hard that his kids blew snot bubbles…


The Gus F 58 yard bomb to Crowell against the Rams on 4th and 26

Then Morton getting the TD in the corner for the win


Include Barry and still the 1980 opener with Billy Sims at the powerhouse Rams. Blew them out! Thought this was going to be it…sigh,

Amazing Billy Sims First NFL Game(1980) - YouTube


Wasn’t that the high point before the 6-2 Lions went on to finish 2-6?

Ugh, this team

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Yep. The “another one bites the dust” season.

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Jeez so many good ones. I will be firing up YouTube for awhile. @Bols forgot about the scroggins hit!!! A great one. I also loved some of Suh’s antics.


Wow, i cant believe you dug that up. Very well done. Thank you

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