Feel a bit sorry for Stafford

Please bear with me, I’m going to start by saying he has made some piss poor throws and decisions this season, yet there were a ton of drops that cost him a few hundred yards I would estimate and likely at least 2 more TD’s .,
I feel sorry the defense was crap, and the running game just started to find a pulse in the Jags game. we have so many broken plays it’s absurd.

A, INT’s
B, Dropped Footballs
C. Fumbles
D. Tipped & Batted Footballs
E. Penalties
F. Sacks
G. Defensive errors
H. Missed Extra Points & Field Goals

Yep some of it is squarely placed on Stafford, yet over half of it is not.
my point is it subtracts from Staffords numbers at a hefty rate here.
Even the two Jugheads running the team affect Matt negatively over and above the list…
It gets to a point you start wondering ‘what could have been’ if there wasn’t all these blown plays.