FF - Den Grandfather League Openings

We have 2 openings in the league this year. League is hosted on Yahoo. Draft is next Thursday at 8 pm. $20 buy in.

League has been running for many, many years. Got to be over 15 by now. Im not old, youre old. Great group of long time managers.

Reply here or send me a pm if interested.

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Did i pay you?

That’s the one I’m in, right?
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Yes, thats the one. Email on payment info going out later tonight. Same paypal/venmo as last year if you still have it.

One spot left, get before it gone!

I would join by my free 100 dollar yahoo league drafts at the same time. Can i do simultaneous drafts?

I have a 2nd yahoo account that I had to create to join a different den league last year. I am in if the spot is available.

Same platform I dont think so.

I have a good friend who’s been lurking here for a while. If there’s still a spot open I bet he would love to join.

Hey @Retro9 chime in if you’re down.

If you need somebody I’d be interested. If not, no worries.

I would like to join. I have played for quite a few years in different leagues. REMRebound I’m down.


League is full, see everyone on Thursday.

This is like the opposite of the amusement park where it says “you must be at least this tall to ride this ride.” For the grandfather league it’s “your balls must hang this low, to join this league.”

Ummm, were gonna go with self reporting on that, no need for live or pictorial verification.


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I have delegated verification to weaselpup, please dm all photos to him.

deletes eyes

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