Final 53, ESPN Projections

I agree with most of this. I think we keep Powell. Also wondering about Bryant (DE). Wondering where Bryant fits in.

My guess is that Bryant ends up on the IRETR (Eligible To Return). I got no clue about Powell, but I think they might trade for a fast WR than can go outside and stretch the field. I also don’t see Dooley making it, I think they’ll start the season with Loewen or Strong cuz I don’t think Hand is quite ready to go yet.

And they might trade Tavon Wilson to NE, who needs a Safety. Maybe they get a QB, maybe a WR or LB, or a draft pick, dunno.

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If we trade, I’d love for it to be for a guard, in a Snacks Harrison-type situation.

I don’t think we’ve seen Powell’s ceiling yet, and hope he can learn toughness, professionalism, and work ethic from Amendola. I feel like he’s our insurance policy on Amendola, as well.

I could see us trading too. One thing about Quinn, he is perpetually looking. I really like the guy.

If they believe Bryant can return quickly, some of these other cats become more expendable for trade as well.

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My thoughts are (starting from the top):

  1. Lacy? I’d go with Powell instead.
  2. Thomas… meh. I moved him up my depth chart because Nauta has not lived up to the hype.
  3. Benzchawel… That last spot is harder than I thought between him, Pope and Donnal. Not because they’re all great, rather none have distinguished themselves. I agree with Mike that this is an area that can change through waivers.
  4. Another limb that I’m on with rothstein is on Mitchell Loewen on the DL. I had him pretty deep on my list, but he’s moved up a pinch.
  5. Dooley? Man, with Bryant’s injury and Carney no showing out real well, this is a sign that the group isn’t as stout as hoped at the beginning of the camp.

That’s it. Once again, we find that the differences in a 53-man projection really come down to 2 or 3 spots. My overall impression is that I expected more from the WR’s, OL and LB groups. I expected there to be a fan favorite emerge among WR’s. Some years you struggle to cut the last 1 or 2 players to get down to 25. This year we’re projecting 23 on offense and struggling to FILL the last 2 or 3 spots.

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Thanks for taking the time on this one, man.

Regarding the DL, I still think they’ll be great. Remember that Daniels played both interior and DE in GreenBay, and we still have A’Shawn on the bench. Could see a lineup of Daniels, A’shawn, Harrison, Flowers. Pretty nasty stuff.

Yeah, the DL is fine. I’m good with where it ended up. I was expecting PJ Johnson or Kevin Strong Jr to make the club, but they signed Daniels and at the same time Loewen has impressed. That’s all good there.

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