Final playoff elimination update

Well, we are still mathematically alive for the last two seeds…. But sadly, it’s basically out of our hands now….

We hold back the inevitable if we win this Sunday and I hope we do……

however, there are 218 plus scenarios where we still can be eliminated by how other teams do.

Basically all the teams fighting for a WC must lose or tie their respective games this weekend and we must win too…

Bears need to lose as well as Hawks

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6 game winning streak coming right up!



We are still mathematically in contention for the 6/7 draft position if we win out!!

Three games winning streak baby!!

As far as I’m concerned, the Lions can’t be eliminated soon enough. From before this season started, most fans(well, most knowledgeable fans)knew that they were at best, going to be bad and possibly the worse. At best real bad and at worse they were going to flat out stink. And they do.
So the best thing is to just bite the old bullet and go out and play their games and accept the results, get it over with, try to improve and ‘wait until NEXT year’. Then those fans that are dependent on their sports team winning for the health of their ego and their overall sense of self can begin the healing process. We can watch teams that qualify advance though the playoffs and finally the Super Bowl.
Then we can all look forward to ‘The Lions Super Bowl’ which would be the NFL Draft.
That’s when Lions fans can get excited and look forward to attaining some quality players in the draft and free agency that will take these Lions to ‘The Promised Land’.

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One of my favorite jams right now!!