**FINALLY FOOTBALL** NFL Hall of Fame Game. Jags vs Raiders

I don’t care who is playing. I am just ready for some Football! I have never watched Lawrence play in the NFL. Also wanting to see Davante. Hopefully they’re out there for more then a few plays.


Oh snap, that’s tonight, right?!?!

What channel is it on?

NBC Kickoff at 8:40 after a weather delay

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Lawrence and care are not playing so I heard…

But I haven’t turned on the tv yet either

They’re both warming up.

I stand corrected. Lawrence isnt playing. Carr is for a few plays.

Walker roughing on the first play


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I wonder if the person who cuts Mark Davis’ hair even has him OK it before they kick him out of the chair.



dumb jim carrey GIF


Abdullah sighting.

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Smu Mustangs Sport GIF by SMU Football

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Tried watching it…just doesn’t kick my nuts…

Guess only makes me look forward to the local franchise even more…

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Cal QB Chase Garbers may get some playtime for the Raiders…

He’s no Goff or Rodgers but I’d like to see him make it as a backup at least.

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Not sure what Collingsworth is talking about. Walker got a sack and a hurry in just a few series. I thought he looked solid

Sweet Hay-Zeus, I read this as “Cheese Garters”, because…well, This Brain and These Eyes are a disaster waiting to happen…

much like Cheese Garters would be.


I laughed out loud reading this :joy:

Like a worse, messier, and even less sexy version of edible panties…

Ryan Santoso nearly made a 60-yard FG in 1st quarter. He had the distance… just slightly missed to the right.

Much better effort than his “chunked” kick with Lions last year in Steelers game.