Finally Tankathon!

For the first time all year they are not mocking us a QB with our top pick this year.


I want two defenders in Rd 1–a DB & a DL—not in any particular order. Depends on who is available.


Whats the other pick

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Specifically a DT. We got plenty of ends IMO. Hutch, Paschal, Cominsky, Houston, Julian, Harris. Not much depth at DT.


Must have gotten tired of looking ignorant?

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For me I want Carter and Bijan Robinson next year. I know we need help at CB, but we can take one with a 2nd and sign a starter in FA. I think Robinson can take this offense to a new level. I also believe Swift would have trade value as well, and I would pull that trigger with him going into the last year of his deal and unliekly to be resigned. I could definitely see Philly throwing us a 2nd rounder for Swift as Sanders is a FA and they are cash strapped and their 2nd will be in the back end of round 2. May even be able to throw them Swift and Minnesotas 2nd for their own 1st rounder


1a Carter
1b Mayer TE Notre Dame
2a Forbes CB
2b Skinner S
3 Campbell LB

If the board played out the same and no trade down available I’d take

1a Carter
1b Smith/Branch CB
2a Vorhees or Schmitz. OG
2b Harrison DE
3 Campbell LB or safety/second CB. I don’t know how I feel about Campbell yet, great college player, just looks a little slow.
I’d really like to see Sanders in a Lions uni. Maybe Owen Pappoe or Herbig later.

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No TE in round one


I’d be fine with that. There’s always Rd 2 for a CB.

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Problem with that mock is that the Texans hold pick #1 and the Bears have pick #2 but there’s four teams at 4-9: Rams, Cards, Saints, and Colts. I don’t know who holds the tie-breakers there but we could be picking anywhere from 3 to 6 and there’s almost no chance of Carter lasting to pick 6.

we only have 3 to start with coming back for sure need more than one rd 2 The cost a lot in FA need to take at least two understand what your trying but CB is lean.

Strength of Schedule is the tiebreaker used.

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I get that but do the Rams have the toughest schedule, I guess is what I’m asking.

I’m there with you. Or if the Rams win another game or two take a CB then Dijon and get a DT in the second.

As good as our offense looked against the Vikes, Swift still didn’t hit his lanes and dropped a first down pass early

If I was able to trade down for an extra high pick this year or next…

1a Ringo = Jeff Okudah like but taller & faster
1b Gonzalez = tall/fast cover corner
2a Tuipulotu = this guy has grit written all over him
2b Skinner = 6’4" safety that loves to knock people out
3 Overshown = 6’4" LB that is all over the field making plays

Most of the other sites including McShay have us taking a QB with the thought that while Goff is playing well, the Lions need to draft a QB for their future.

Just don’t understand that. Goff is 28. Mahomes is 27–gonna guess that KC is not drafting a QB. Prescott is 29. Are the Cowboys gonna draft a QB? Probably not.

I get that part of it is that you rarely get a chance to select a highly thought of QB because they usually go in the top 10 picks and there’s a good chance the Lions won’t have one after this draft. But you don’t draft a QB just because you have a high draft pick.

Lions still need to draft based on need. QB is not a need.


I would love to see Skinner on this defense somehow!

Another poster answered

Of the teams with a 4-9 record, the Rams have the weakest SOS at present.

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I swear to god if I see one more mock draft with CJ Stroud being the pick at #4 I’m going to lose it. Bryce Young? Fine. But Stroud? Why would we want a guy who’s closest comp by multiple scouts is Jared Goff? WE ALREADY HAVE JARED GOFF AND HE’S PLAYING AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL.