Fire Dan Campbell!

Out coached 2 weeks in a row. Fuck the Lions haven’t even forced a punt the last 2 weeks. Someone had to make this thread, this franchise is a fucking embarrassment.


Patriots did punt.


Exactly! If you can’t see the progress, you’re blind!


1 punt in 2 weeks. They are getting their ass kicked 29-0 to a team with their 3rd string QB.

Can Dampbell


This is funny right here!! :rofl::joy::rofl::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No question. But saying that they haven’t forced a punt in two weeks was incorrect. One punt in two weeks is ridiculous as well.

I don’t know how you don’t fire him after losing 0-29 to a rookie QB.

The season is still young enough to see if this squad can respond to someone like Duce or Glenn as HC.


Give it to Johnson, DC was learning on the job anyway and we should see what we got in the guy before we let him slip away. For the love of god, don’t give it to AG, he needs to be the first one out the door.

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We’ve been bitching about him since he got hired, but everyone drank the koolaid last year and forgot how bad he was. No improvement. Fire this cheeky fucker.

Just so you know, the Lions are not firing anyone. Now, next year if this happens then yes, it will happen.


Tough watch today. Honeymoon period is over and whatever goodwill which has been built up is starting to be eroded at a very fast rate.

That was a real deflating performance today and completely self inflicted. We don’t have a particularly talented roster but for the most part they have played hard but hard to overcome the defensive play calling we saw last week or the offensive play calling and game management we saw this week.

We badly need the bye to get guys healthy. We have about 4 solid medium term starters on defense but nothing else - zero play makers and zero depth

I don’t think Dan should be sacked or it even being a conversation. This is a complete rebuild and a third draft needed to add talent but I can fully understand peoples frustration watching that B.S we saw today


If they fire Glenn and bring in capers for this season I think our defense could improve. Then hire a top tier dc for next season.

He also is such a good coach other teams can’t force Lions to punt /end sarcasm

What do you gain by firing anyone now?


You potentially prevent more regression. Way, WAY too many players are regressing under this staff.

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Hate to say it but i agree.

I was willing to be patient. I wanted to be patient.

At 1-5 and seeing what we’ve seen this year - reality is that the lions need to identify this is a mistake and move on. You always cut losses early. 1 year would have been too early. 3 years would be 1 too late in this case.

It would have been another thing if they competed and finished 7-10, but that’s not in the cards here. (Barring some kind of bizarre miracle)

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Let Ben Johnson take over or we loose him next year. Keep Big Dan on as Spirit Coach.

More regression? I guess. I just think you look make hiring a candidate even harder by only giving the last one 22 games.

If they want to move off of him after this year I’m finevwoth it. They won’t though.

If we would have just scored our average of 35 points again, we win.