Fire Quintricbaugh

If (when) the Lions lose today all three of these clowns need to be fired on Monday. We can’t risk Covid cancelling any part of the season(s) and giving any of these incompetent boobs even an ass whiskers chance of being brought back next year.


Lol, I might incorporate that phrase into my daily vernacular.

Quinn Tricia I could see getting let go should they lose today… Harbaugh probably not, but, you never know.

It’s been a tough year, the football gods have not looked kindly on UM/MSU/Lions

Ass whisker.

I now have an expanded vocabulary!:+1:


This is similar to Swamp Beaver Ass Juice…

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Is it weird that I’d be ok with Harbaugh
Becoming head coach of lions ?

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“Don’t be such and Ass Whisker!”

“That really scratches my Ass Whisker!”

“Cat got your Ass Whisker?”

“If I had an Ass Whisker for every time I’ve heard that”

“Two birds with One Ass Whisker”

I do.

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Ok, you’re the third person I’ve heard say that, the other two friends of mine and lions fans… but I honestly want to know why. I personally don’t like him and think that would be an awful decision… but, I know I know nothing… so I guess just curious as to your reasoning and if you think it would be a good/bad thing or just what you think will happen.

He molded niners quickly into a winner. He lost Niner job due to baalke back stabbing.

He’s not my first choice

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