First injury list is out for GB vs Detroit

Well, GB facing some potential issues.

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Nice find, thanks for posting!

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Thanks for sharing!

How are we feeling about this new Lions turf potentially reducing injuries compared to prior seasons?

So far it seems to me like the most serious injuries have been ankles/knees/shoulders, which haven’t been as season ending compared to ACLs/Achilles.

I’ve seen some kind of “days played” by starters as an indication of teams have healthwise. The Lions had a lot of guys hurt the first 4 weeks but have been fairly healthy it seems since?

Woof if wicks is out for this game, hes actually been pretty open for the pack crew

Watson can be jammed pretty easily, and with healthy branch back im less scared of Jayden Reed

Musgrave also being hurt doesnt help

Pack Crew dealing with lots of injuries this year.

Estimated injury reports get me every time. Lol

I was gonna do a 5 hour hike today…but I came down with an estimated case of explosive beer shits. Maybe tomorrow.

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There are beers that don’t cause that…just say’in

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Sounds like an estimation to me.

Believe me, it isn’t.

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

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should be a Lion feast of a game then over The Packers.

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