First Injury Report comes out on Thursday

That’s cuz they don’t play until Monday Night. Being Wednesday, I thought it would come out today as it usually does, but apparently not this week. Sorry guys, my bad.

You’re letting down the entire board. :crazy_face:

I can make a phone call if you’d like. Me and Matt Patricia go way back. Our friendship is so cute. Every time I call him on his cell, we play this little game where he says “who the hell are you, and how did you get this number?” That’s just the nature of our friendship, old Matty pretending not to know who I am. We do it every time. You should see when I stop by his house. “Get out of here, or I’m gonna call the police!” One time he even pretended to pull a gun on me. I’m sure it wasn’t loaded, it was all in good fun. Always the jokester that Matty.

I had a girlfriend where we had the same exact relationship! I went to pick her up for our last date and she refused to get in the car. Oh well, her loss.

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You are one weird dude.

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That’s so bad, it’s funny…

Will you guys be serious, Wise is channeling MattyPatty…lol

Just talked to Jon, asked him about the injury update. He said that pain is weakness leaving the body. I don’t know what that has to do with Quandre Diggs’ hammy, but you take what you can get with that guy.

Ooh Quandre…swoon

Sorry, just a fan and a vital key to our backfield. A weeks rest against a sad Pack WR set may be a blessing in the long run. Fuckin’ hammies.

Can’t make that shit up! So it’s obviously true.