First Lions depth chart: Derrick Barnes, Halapoulivaati Vaitai listed as


I forgot what Big V looks like. What’s his number?

If we get a healthy Big V AND Levi from 2 back injuries…just wow.


This is a nice follow-up to the starting thread that we had going a couple days ago. Of note:

Wright at starting TE is not a huge surprise, if it occurs. It’s really not. He’s a capable blocker and receiver and he isn’t a rookie.

Big V starting at G was predictable. The talk out of AP all off-season was their vaunted OL had never really played all together. There had always been a backup at some position. That signaled that Vaitai was RG.

Branch is the starting NB. I would almost bet money that when CJ was signed they had fully expected him (CJ) to be the starter at NB. That CJ is playing Safety and Branch is the starting NB tells you he really has surpassed a number of DBs.

Barnes as the starting MIKE is the closest thing to a surprise there. I shouldn’t be surprised, but seeing his name there ahead of JC and Rodrigo definitely stands out.