First Lions memory-Why are you a Lions fan?

Mine was in 2000. I was in 6th grade and we had just gotten our football jerseys. We stopped at my Grandparents house and the first thing my Grandpa said was “who do you think you are!? Charlie Batch?” because I was #10. I was cough a Packers fan at the time because that’s the team my Mom watched. I thought it was so cool that I had the same number as Batch and the game was actually on at that time. But yeah that’s how I became a Lions Fan, because of my Grandpa and Charlie Batch being #10.


Oh, geez! My Uncle was a sports freak. He constantly had the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Pistons games on. There was no escape.
If it wasn’t on tv, he had it on the radio. If not in the house, in the garage.
I started really paying attention in 68, but, they’ve been a part of life, I assume, since shortly after I was born.
I remember Alex Karras destroying a Chicago QB’s life (can’t remember his name). I just remember the dazed look on his helmetless face as he tried, and failed, to get back to his feet.
Like so many, I really had no choice.
Now, Uncle Elton saw some truly great teams. I’ve only heard about them.


Because I was born and raised in Detroit.


When you ask “Why are you a Lions fan?”

I picture you as Mads Mikkelsen, aka Dr Hannibal Lecter, and me as Will Graham.


Born in Dallas - first game was a Cowboys game in '87.

Moved to Detroit in June of 1988 (as a kid).

Barry Sanders had the greatest College season of All-time and won the Heisman at OSU in 1988.

Lions drafted him in April of '89…

I watched every snap of his NFL career.

Here I am, 34 years later, a Lions fan in North Carolina.

All because of #20.


Back when I was a child , me and my buddies used to play : Football , Basketball, Baseball, Kickball, Dodgeball, Frisbee , Badmitten , Volleyball, anything from sun up to sun down…eventually, we got to where we regularly would trade, compare, swap , and argue who had the most football cards. we used to sit in my gravel driveway in the dirt chewing Topps gum and talking about our favorite players. RW979802 is one of them, HE was already a Football Nut. blabbing about this football player and that half the day lol. but when I was 5? I thought ‘damn man you watch football, you collect and trade football cards, you play back-yard football…but you don’t have a favorite team or a favorite player…what’s wrong with you !’ So like the very next day I was in my neighbors house with all my usual friends just swapping football cards -again- when out of the Blue? RW asked “who’s your favorite football team ?” at first , I was like “I don’t know” …he’s like “you have to pick one.” so I said I like The Lions." he smiled and said because of Barry right?" I just said “that’s it…that’s my team until they put me in the ground.” my buddy Pete was like “yeah right…you’ll be a Cowboys fan in a week.” I said “no.” “I vow to be a Lions fan for life !” that was that.


This man!

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Why am I a Lions fan? Mainly due to Mike Shannahan. Had the Broncos never hired him I’d probably still be a Broncos fan.

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Best Jukes.


LOL, wrong 20, that was Billy Sims, split the heisman with Charles White in 78 and the Lions drafted him in 79.


Mine is all the Thanksgivings when I was a child playing on the floor with my cousins. We would alternate houses every Thanksgiving between our place and my dads brothers. While the women were in the kitchen my siblings and cousins would always be running around playing some kind of game and the men were always on the couch watching the Lions.

As a kid it was comforting to see my dad and his brother sitting together with a beer or cocktail, comfortable and happy, talking about football and the Lions. Punctuated with the occasional ‘Come on!’ or ‘Yes!’, Similar to the aroma of food permeating the house and my memory…the sound of the Lions on the big wooden console TV was a vehicle for kinship and family


Born in '71, and grew up on Lions football. Probably the biggest emotional anchoring I have to it is watching the Thanksgiving day game. Was raised really poor and only twice a year did I get to eat food that tasted that good, and be around people that were not fighting and everyone was getting along.

Lions game was always the centerpiece of Thanksgiving. Tiny house were only 6 people could sit at the actual table, so we were on the floor with our plate watching Lions get it done.

Barry deepened it. Watching him I still question

Was it trick photography or divine intervention, cuz people can’t do that shit.

I hope we see a similar player in our lifetimes, but I really don’t think we ever will. GOAT by a mile…it’s not even a conversation.


Very similar to myself, lol Those were great times and memories

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I’m a fan because of Barry. We used to play a game called “smear the queer” (I cringe at the name, but it was fun to play back in the 80s and 90s). The basic concept is that a ball is thrown up in the air almost like flowers at a wedding. Whoever catches it has to run with it and try not to be tackled by the rest of the kids playing.

I was always pretty damn good at the game and tried my damnedest to emulate Barry.

(Link for anyone who hadn’t heard of the game: Urban Dictionary: Smear the queer )


LOL yep played that alot


Even back then I was kind of like “man, that’s kind of a messed up name” lol But I did play it a few times a week at recess.


One Sunday, my dad was watching the Lions on TV. I was probably 6.

Totally hated sports. I was horrible at coach pitch baseball and thought it was a total waste of time.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

'What are you doing Dad?"

“Watching football”

“What’s that?”

So I was shown all the ins and outs of the Lions game. I forget who they played though.

It ended with “That was awesome! When do we play again?”

“Next Sunday.”

And then the real fun began.

“But next Saturday, we can watch the greatest football team ever play!”

“The Ohio State Buckeyes!”

And they won like 70-0.

That’s how it started, and now sports is everything to me.


Name never bothered me, it’s just a name of a game. Ive been called worse, lol.

Matter of fact according to the name, my favorite part was being the “queer”, loved everyone trying to tackle me, lol

In summary, Barry made most of us Lions fans and then broke all our hearts. lol

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