First Poll - Ansah

OK, trying to figure this Poll thing out. Let’s make it an an easy one.

Will Ansah play this weekend

  • Yes
  • No

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There’s something fishy going on with the Ansah thing…

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I agree.

I really don’t want to believe it’s a Levy type situation, but good lord, something seems really off about this whole situation.

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Maybe they found out he’s actually 56 yrs old… would explain all the injuries. :sunglasses:


Definitely a bad case of arthritis.

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I hate that this seems reasonably accurate. Buuuut … I just get suspicious when you know him and Suh are friends, and he obviously didn’t want the franchise tag or a new deal … and now he has a lingering injury.

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I guess I’m in a pessimistic mood right now, but I have to doubt that Ansah will be anywhere near the force he was that made him worth $17 mil. Maybe he comes back at some point this year, but consider this: if he doesn’t play well when he does come back or if he only plays a few games then his marketability has to take a big hit. So all this crap is going to cost him some big bucks, cuz who’s going to pony up that kind of money for a guy that hasn’t been able to stay healthy or produce the results worthy of a big contract?

So - he ain’t skating IMHO, there’s a problem with his shoulder that requires a lot of time to heal. He has not been seen banging on somebody as far as I know, has anyone seen a picture of him even hitting the sled? I personally won’t believe he’s going to play on a Sunday until he’s hit and been hit by a few people during the week. And then is out there again the next day, and there’s no telling when that’ll happen. And I ain’t going to hold my breath waiting. Too bad, he used to be a difference maker.


Worley from U of M has a similar situation, not making excuses, but if it’s the labrum tear, it’s a long road to recovery. The question becomes why no IR. ??

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Oh for sure. I don’t think he’s skating either. Not sure if he’s had this injury in the past or not but honestly, we all knew he’d get an injury and be out extended time after tagging him. It sucks, its not what we wanted. Just knew it would because of his recent injury history. Which is why we questioned his tag. And as Wise said, it really sucks for Ziggy in not being able to cash in beyond this season…

Maybe another poll on if he retires or not after the season is done?

Looks like I may be the only one who answered yes.
Stoopid me …

Nothing wrong with wishful thinking

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I think there will be a tendency for fans to blame Ansah like we did with Levy, but in reality, the guy wants to play. It’s our teams policy of not talking about injuries that will bring on the speculation. Regardless, I doubt he’s a Lion next year.

Isn’t Ebron Ziggy’s agent?
That explains a lot.

So, the very first time Ziggy was asked about his contract situation he said he was going to speak with his friend Ndamukong Suh. Nothing alarming there, or is there? In my mind, if you listen to players, they always put it out there. This lingering malingering injury issue is exactly the kind of thing of which I think players are capable, especially, when they are tagged. The injury lets them train, not play and get paid, see DeAndre Levy. Combine Levy and Suh, this is what you get. I seemore than one reason to be suspicious. He’ll get a contract from someone, but I bet it is not here. I have said it since that very first time. Watch and see.

Everyone he was in the room with left, every DT, every coach, Levy, (…Ebron, who gives a rip?), they have all left. Suh, Fairley, Levy, Gunther…there was a sickness in the lockerroom and it has been here for 60 years, umpteen coaches, 4 GM’s, 3 stadiums and the Fords. It permeates the league and the media. You only need to go back to Gronk threatening to retire. We do not compete on an even playing field. So if Ziggy has to walk to get new blood here, well, screw him. We had a leg up when Spielman and Barry were here. We almost kicked it. But, I can almost guarantee, if the management gets a whiff of this pretense (Ansah’s lingering injury), he will not be coming back.

It’s definitely odd. He said that he didn’t expect to miss much time. He practiced before NE, GB, Mia and Sea. In a limited basis. Ziggy claimed it was a coaches decision.

Is Patricia just saving him for divisional games? Is it that the doctors aren’t clearing him? Sure seems like there’s more to this story.

And, if I might offer it, Lomas Brown doing what he did to Scott Mitchell is the epitome of this. And, some stupid individual thought it would make sense to hire him to broadcast games. High profile players holding us for ransom, going off script, leaving as quickly as they can, not even trying to come here. It takes a lot to remain Honolulu Blue.

I think he’ll come back and even get a sack!

…during which he will injure himself again :frowning:

I believe he’s been “ok” to play the last couple weeks but not fully ready. I’m hoping the plan has been to hold him out until these two very critical Road division games. I think he plays Sunday and we will see what we’ve missed more so in him setting the edge on run plays then an actual pass pressures, although I think he’ll bring that to the table also. I’m predicting a huge upset this weekend and he will be one of the key factors in why we pull this off.

and to set the record straight I’ve absolutely been frustrated with Ziggy and I’m more than ready to move on from him.

Ansah, Lang, Decker, Christian Jones, Reeves-Maybin, and Riddick were all limited practice. None have a game day designation yet.