First round Crow eating found here!

I am here to eat crow on Malik Willis. I was convinced someone would take a chance on the traits and intangebles. I thought he’d go in the top 15 picks. I was wrong and so… time to man up and eat…



I would’ve bet the house Detroit moved up to acquire Hamilton.

And then my dream—which was so, so close to completion—was firmly obliterated.

Also crow:
—I thought there’d be a run on QBs.
—I thought GB would take a receiver.
—I thought JJ could be worthy of No. 2 overall.


I thought his absolute floor was the Steelers.


Yes on GB, no on Hamilton, also yes on a run on QB’s. What’s really interesting about the NON run on QB’s, guess what, every GM out there thinks they were over rated. AND, how many are looking to next years draft as part of that process? Oh and I also didn’t think Willis would get out of the first.

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I guess the media was more in love with Willis than teams


This post makes me wonder.

Is the lack of QB picks this year related to all those that went last year and maybe didn’t perform to expectations?

Lawrence, bleh year
Wilson, ditto
Lance, didn’t even play much
Fields, bleh
Jones was the only one to make an impact, or his team do well with him playing.

That plus factoring in the other talent available this year, they went elsewhere instead of QB???

They’ll circle back in round two?

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That’s because the media doesn’t spend 100’s of hours breaking down film on these guys.


I thought JJ might be in play at 2 lol.

My prediction was the Jets booing their picks. Yeah, Jets rocked.

Gimme summa that crow…

(Got Hutch right, but Willis didn’t go at 32…)

I thought the Ravens would take Willis with one of their two picks. Final year of Jackson and Willis is a good comparable. They’d know what to do with him.

They’ve got 8 picks in the next 3 rounds. If they want him, they could easily take him.


I think teams see the potential in Willis, but aren’t convinced based on the low level competition he played against and how poorly he played against the only top 25 team he played last year. He will get picked in the 2nd round for sure. He’s going to need to sit and learn, huge learning curve going from Liberty to the NFL.

Not only that but he struggles with accuracy. That usually doesn’t correct itself very much at the next level. Some get better but it’s a trait that quarterbacks either have or they don’t.

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Seattle might take him but also can’t overlook the connection with Matt Carrol for Seattle. Willis might easily slip to 3rd round……just like my friends said.
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I thought the full range on Willis was 6-20. To see the Steelers not take him at 20 was the pick that really got me.

I thought he would have gone somewhere!

I don’t think scouts know everything, but when they alllll take a pass they’re probably seeing something legit that they don’t like

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Let me think…
Yeah, I was wrong on Willis, but I don’t care. I still want the guy on my team.

I was wrong on Travon Walker. Immediately after the combine I said he was #2 DE on paper, but then as the conversation carried on with him, I shot him down a bit. Too much “run-stopper” and interior defense conversation to my liking. In the end, he went #1 overall. This is my just being flat out wrong, completely absent any fan-ship (unlike Willis).

I want to see some crow eaten by folks that have been banging the “3 is too high for CB” crowd.

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The thing is…some of these opinions could be perfectly valid. Sometimes were right and the NFL is wrong.


Yeah… so us and like the other what 4 teams with multiple first round picks next year will be pushing all those beans to the middle of the table to land next years top level QB’s whoever that will be by this time next year. This time last year it was Rattler and Howell… just saying… UNLESS… Trade up from 46 for Willis!!!

Me too, though it was all predicated on Hutch going to the Jags.
It’s humbling because, paraphasing Rasheed Wallace, “Draft don’t lie.” However, I’ll conveniently remember this in 3 years should events validate my JJ man-crush.

What I learned from the experience of having my pick at #2 plummet to the Jets at #26:

  1. Dramatically shifting Las Vegas draft odds are not smoke.

  2. Age and edge pressure rate are important to NFL evaluators.

  3. Dane Brugler’s insider tips close to the first day of the draft are worthless.

  4. I can fall prey to confirmation bias.

  5. I should give up my dream of being a respected NFL talent evaluator and immediately switch my focus to taste arbitration for quarreling couples if I want to live a happy life.