First round pick reaction

If the war room’s mosh pit like reaction to the Sewell pick is a 10/10 on the excitement scale where do you think Brad and fam’s reaction will rate this yea?

It’d feel forced if it’s like last year.

Sewell’s drop wasn’t expected.

I think this year the Lions have a good idea that one of their top prospects will fall to them.


It’ll be like : It’s Armeggedon ! It’s Kerplosion of heads , Motorcity Meltdown ! " here on ABC News tonight…Droves of Detroit Lions Fans were taken to A local Mental Facility in Detroit for no less longer than five months Due seemingly to The 2022 Draft Picks…or rather their first round draft pick Kayvon Thibodeaux, as riots erupted all around The Motor City." “We tried to get some feedback and commentary from some of The most agitated fans, yet they refused to comment Mike.”

If we do it again then that becomes our thing. Not a great look. I’m expecting it to be rather subdued.

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Way to go out on a limb. :laughing:


I would say maybe a 4/10 reaction. Unless of course the Lions trade back and someone drops to them. Then it could be a 8/10 reaction.

If it is a WR - Sheila will do cartwheels and everyone else will follow out of respect.

If it is Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me, DC will give a primal scream followed by We are going to bite some kneecaps. Everyone else will cautiously slide their legs under the table.

If his name starts with St. then Brad will jump up and feign a slam dunk. Everyone else will look confused and then do the same movement.

If it is a name shouted out from the back of the room they will all throw confetti.

If it is Hutch they will all politely shake hands and sit back down quietly.

Should be fun to watch!

I don’t think the reaction will be as big but I do believe it will be a big energy reaction because that’s just kinda who those guys are.

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Maybe a new choreographed dance for every pick? That could be a new thing

somewhere between Brad and Spielman would be good!

Brad will lead the Conga Line, followed by Campbell, then Sheila, then Austin, then Johnson, then all the scouts…Speilman will be at the end…Woods is gone to get more Pizzas…


Fist bumps and hand shakes. Unless it’s Willis, and then it will be relief after the jags pick goes untraded.

If they truly have several guys rated closely, then it should be less elation and more questions as to whether they picked the right option. They will have a guy selected, who probably wasn’t consensus among them.

Brad jumps on a desk and tears off his cut-away suit to reveal a spandex tuxedo. Dan tosses him a top hat and cane and he proceeds to tap dance across the tables to leap down while Sheila in a 20’s flapper dress spins from the shadows into his arms

Dan rips off his shirt and starts playing the saxophone while Dorsey and Spielman who put on Lion-head masks sway side to side and snap their fingers to the beat


Exactly what I was thinking.:rofl::rofl:

Pretty much a given.

Unless….the Lions only have 1 guy…then they would have to trade UP to get him.

Right, this isn’t the Millen era…

Spielman is out for revenge! Holmes threw him across the room last year and Chris clearly - paused - shoulder shrugged - and planted the seed for the Terry Tate hit that awaits a poor soul in that draft room tonight.

The hunted…now becomes the hunter.

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It looked like an overdramatized show for the cameras to me the first time. I’d prefer to see a more professional reaction this year and in the future.

Scratch my earlier statement.

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If not the Conga Line…Lions break out their impersonation of the 4 Tops.-…Holmes, Austin, Pleasant, & Shepherd singing “Baby, I Need Your Lovin”, directed at Sheila, then “I’ll Be There”, finishing with “Standing in the Shadows of Love”…Mic Drop…Sheila feints…Confetti drops from the ceiling…Room goes black…

This reminded me of …

Top Hat Frog GIF

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Good call. Michigan Rag would be the perfect song

Yup. IMO, Hutch is a nice piece and we had a small amount of luck…cuz Jacksonville gonna Jacksonville…we essentially thought there was a nice chance they would.
Hutch is a nice piece, but in all honesty…he’s not Sewell. Sewell has GOAT potential. Hutch is more like a B+ starter. You’d have to be a game wrecker to impact a game ike Sewell.

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