First rounder you DON'T want

Who are the guys you want no part of in R1 (of the obvious potentials).

I only have 1 and that is Jaylen Waddle. Please no. Picking at number 7 and getting the consensus #3 (oft injured) receiver in this draft…with a best trait of returning kicks would be so Lionesque.

I wouldn’t even want him in a trade back unless we netted another R1 next year.

I can get behind any other of the potential picks…even a QB. But please…please…please no Waddle.


Heh, Waddle’s one of the guys I DO want.

I like most of our options so I suppose I’ll say Parsons. Don’t get me wrong I really like his tape, he just makes me nervous. He has the lowest floor of anyone we might pick because his floor is out of the league in a few years. I’m not saying that’s likely or anything, just that it’s possible.

Still if we draft him I’ll trust our FO did their homework, it would be great to have an elite LB.

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Trey Lance


Definitely one of the CB’s for me. I think that would be a terrible decision. Also don’t want Slater at #7.

I think its Waddle for me. I like him. I don’t like him as a top 7 guy.

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Zach Wilson and Trey Lance

Otherwise, they can’t totally screw it up unless they reach IMO.

Did Micah Parsons do the worst version of what has been rumored/alleged?

If so it’s definitely Micah Parsons.

What’s the “worst version” of it?

Prison style

Not sure. This is a nice conversation for a sport message board but here we are so…

If Parsons pinned a teammate down, wagged his yang in his face, “joked” about raping him while yelling “Sandusky” then I don’t want him on my team. I get the sense that I may be in the minority but that’s how I feel. I’m also quite confident that MCDC would feel the same way.

What ever happened to good old fashioned family style?


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We’re a football team not a community theatre production of “Oz”


Definitely the QB position (anyone that falls to #7).

Goff is the franchise QB for the following two season (2021-22). Worst case scenario, Goff fails and the new regime heads into year 3 (2023) with two 1rst round picks (currently) available as resources to find another franchise QB.


To me, that would be the least appealing pick.

I don’t want a QB in the 1st round. Or 2nd. Or 3rd, or 4th, well you get the idea. This team is weak in too many areas, and wasting a draft pick on a guy that will do nothing for at least 2 years is stupid. The Lions should build a good football team and THEN get a decent QB.


Oft injured? The guy missed games in 2020 due to a broken ankle.

Before that, in 2018-2019, Waddle played in 28 out of 28 games.

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He was oft injured. Think about it. He missed most of the Tennessee game because he broke his ankle. That’s understandable. But when they played Miss State the following week, he didn’t play in that game either. Why? Yeah, you guessed it…broken ankle. Game after game they asked “Where’s Waddle?” Fucker had a broken ankle every damn week, it was ridiculous! :rofl:


For the record the accusation wasn’t that Parson did this it was that Damion Barber did it to Humphries. Which Barber has denied and investigations showed all whitenesses took Barbers side of the story. No criminal charges or school punishment came from it.

I’m not sure why people keep wanting to say it was Parsons when it wasn’t.

Parsons was not part of that lawsuit. He was only mentioned in the lawsuit.

Trey Lance

Rashawn Slater

I’d be OK with Parsons but I just don’t see how they could take him after the stuff Dan Campbell has talked about this offseason.

As for Waddle … I’m ok with Waddle especially in a trade down scenario.

The guy I am not fond of is Jayson Oweh - Not a big fan of speed rushers with zero sacks.

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