Five Lions who face "make or break" seasons in 2023

I think Goff is pretty secure, but the rest on the list make sense.

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The Goff inclusion was all about his extension and this seasons impact on that decision.

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I mean, they’re in contract talks. He seems pretty safe.

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Yea this is a great list. They are on the team this year no doubt. But Show your worth a good extension.

Romeo O. Yea make or break. Show us that hes worth keeping. There’s plenty of help around him. If he cant stay healthy or struggles. He gone.

C Harris. Same deal. Stay healthy and be productive. Dont need either of them to be pro bowlers or anything. Just solid reliable roll players.

Goff. Earn that money. He wants a big extension. Last 1.5 seasons have shown he deserves it. This is the seal the deal season.

Barns. Show you can be a solid rotational line backer. Compete with Rodrego for the #3 job.
I think hes safe regular because he has 1 more cheap year on contract.

W Harris. Similar deal with C harris and romeo. Stay healthy and show you can contribute with all the help around you.

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I like it except for Goff. I would replace Goff’s slot on the list with Jerry Jacobs.

We got a lot of guys on the last year of their deals so should be lots of motivated guys.

Off the top of my head, all in contract years.

Big V
Charles Harris
Will Harris

I’m sure there is more.

Goff should be on the list because he has 10’s of millions on the line based on his 2023 performance, probably more than any other player.

If he flops in 2023, Detroit is looking for a new starter in 2024. He’d likely be cut and have to sign a much lower priced contract elsewhere.

If he’s “meh” in 2023, Detroit may allow him to play out but plan on moving in another dirction (Hooker or other).

If he leads Detroit to the division title and home playoff win in 2023, we are talking HUGE extension in the offseason.


This is a pretty obvious list to be honest. Guys like Romeo, Harris, and Will Harris are stop gap veteran depth. Romeo has a chance to be a little more than that, but with the youth we have he could get 10 sacks and we would let him walk.

True make or beak years are reserved for players on their rookie contract or a player, usually a QB, like Goff on his 2nd chance.

Barnes, Goff, Jonah (to an extent), Alim, Levi, Jerry Jacobs, and Walker are guys that would qualify this year.

Goff is obvious until he signs long term. Barnes will get buried on the depth chart if he doesn’t step up this year. Jonah has been solid, but needs to take the step towards elite if he wants to get paid with the top guards. Alim made a solid 2nd year leap, but needs to take another jump to prove he is worth a high dollar extension. Jerry has a major opportunity staring him in the face to start while Moseley is hurt and he may not get that again next year. Levi is likely out of the league or struggling to make a roster if he doesn’t stay healthy and get some snaps this year. Walker needs to prove he can return to health and be a leader in the secondary or it may come down to keeping him or CJGJ long term.

I get what you say but I think Lions would be better off unless he is real bad to work with him on new deal . If you walk away its a 7 plus dead money hit. You only want to do that if he is really bad or refuses to work out another 2 or one year extension. to Spread his cost out for couple years that only works if he keeps helping team.

Before fans just let players go do you have a better replacement does he save you money is he that bad or as fan you just don’t like him we have those fans.

I think Julian will have rough time making 53 this season.

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I thought Levi O and Julian Okwara would be on this list.

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Cabinda and Wright.

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