FL Week 13 early odds:

Lions -3.5
Lions -181, Saints +152

ok I don’t bet … what is the last line mean? lions -181, saints +152?

Beats the hell outta me.

Those are the moneyline (basically picking who wins the game) bets. Lions are favored, so -181 means if you bet 181 dollars for the Lions to win and they do, you’ll win 100. Alternatively, if you bet on the Saints at +152 and they win, you would get $152 per $100 you bet.

So a $100 bet on the Lions nets you around $55 if they win ($155 payout). A $100 bet on the Saints would net you $152 if they win ($252 payout). Basically a negative (more likely to happen) is how much you need to bet to net $100 and a positive (less likely to happen) is how much you will net if you bet $100.


gotcha. thank you.

I think the lions will likely lose one more, but think the Eagles could win out.
I think Philly is better than most of us give them credit for.


Over the years, this may be the best simple explanation I’ve read. Nice work!

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Agreed. I think we could hang with them by stopping the run but I think 7-10 games they beat us.

I’d call that pretty much “on point”

I did notice Hurts limping yesterday. Still played great…but if someone pops that knee out everything changes fast for Philly


Yup - that’d drop 'em to SF level competition or possibly lower, but they are still such a stacked roster on both sides of the ball.

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The bane of running QB’s.


Best one line post of the day!

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Bald man advocates for Bane. Really shocking stuff here.


You have to bet 181.00 to win 100.00 if you bet the Lions to win without giving any points… if you pick the Saints to win straight up with no points, you have to be 100.00 to win 152.00…

you explained better and first… lol

Bain. Barbara Bain.
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They are and it stinks. You can throw on them but if the game is in Philly in inclement weather I don’t like our chances

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It would be hard for me to under credit them. I don’t see anyone keeping them out of the Super Bowl and it’s hard to imagine who could beat them. Baltimore, maybe?