Florio: Buzz building for Caldwell to the Texans

I guess if you’re looking to steady a chaotic situation, it makes some sense.

But as pointed out in the article, it would be a somewhat unexpected choice for Nick Caserio as he walks in as GM.

I pray Caldwell doesn’t take the job unless he’s sure he is the guy Caserio wants. He’s been through that situation before of not being the choice of the incoming GM and is rather being forced upon him.

Caldwell deserves better.


I pray Caldwell has an actual NFL-caliber set of coaches and coordinators lined up, rather than assembling a cast of oh-crap-I-actually-got-the-job type coaches that he did here.


A smart GM isn’t going to hire Caldwell unless they can vet his staff

Keep in mind he was in Miami with a GM and coach with New England ties


That would break the streak of ex Lion coaches not coaching again.


It would make sense on a lot of levels and especially if you are trying to appease your star qb who thinks you are not doing enough. It is a good hire…

I hope they hire Caldwell. He can help mentor Watson and be a calming voice of reason to the locker room.

I’d like to see Caldwell get another chance too.


Don’t worry, he has Lombardi on speed dial.
season 16 speed dial GIF


Matt Patricia is available for his DC

dunk fail GIF

The time off has clearly been good for Matt.

He looks like he’s trimmed down some, worked on his athleticism.


Jim Caldwell could bring Lovie Smith, Herm Edwards, or Rod Marinelli. He will need to find someone good for OC. Just don’t hire Joe Lombardi or Jim Bob lol.

He’d probably prefer more Cooter.

They are about to build a statue for Herm out in Tucson, I don’t think he’s leaving there to be a DC

I always found it ironic that we had Cooter on the staff and yet as fans we still got perpetually clock-blocked. Caldwell is a man of faith though so i guess it makes sense.


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They have alot of online students in Tucson and they love him even more there :upside_down_face:

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:joy:. Both of my folks graduated from ASU. With how much the online thing bothers my dad you’d think he went to Harvard.

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