Flowers, Daniels, Coleman wasted resources

Even before Moneyball and analytics there was the Tuna saying X player was ‘just another guy’. At least thats how I remember it.

The money invested in Flowers, Daniels, and Coleman looks like a disaster after two games.

I did see Flowers with a pressure or a highlight during the LAC game. Daniels I havent seen or heard him. And is Coleman even playing? I had to double check the injury list.

18 million Flowers
9 million Coleman
8 million Daniels

Against LAC Allen was in the slot a lot and we put Slay on him. Wasnt the point of Coleman to have a great slot defender?

Wasn’t the point of Flowers and then Daniels to have pressure on the QB.

Right now all 3 could be replaced with average players making a few million a year and there would be no difference. Thats 20+ million wasted.

Quinn taking a huge loss on all 3 of his biggest free agent moves.

It’s too early to draw and conclusions about these free agents signings, particularly since both Daniels and Flowers were coming off injuries and neither practiced much in the offseason nor played much in the preseason.

It would be one thing if the Lions had salary cap issues to complain about these contracts, but they don’t. The Lions are presently $18,165,504 under the salary cap even with these additions.


Disagree here.

Flowers has been a disappointment to now. He was also out all of training camp and preseason. I started to show up a bit towards the end of the game. How about we give the guy a little time to settle in with his teammates before we deem him a waste?

Daniels I thought played ok game 1, and better game 2. He made some pretty impressive tackles and looked a little more comfortable.

Coleman has looked fine. When Slay went out, Coleman jumped and covered up Allen, which even Slay couldnt do. Coleman has already knocked down some passes and is providing solid coverage. Im happy with his signing. Our CB’s have all played pretty well, if anything Slay was the monster disappointment for about 59 minutes on Sunday.

This defense is doing exactly what I expected so far. I figured the D line would get more push but that LB’s would be the issue. Instead, LBs are playing great and Dline is struggling. That being said, while struggling, we held a HOF QB and a 12-4 team to 10 points. Banged up or not, that team has talent. The Lions are giving up yards, but not points. As Patricia gets guys where he wants them, and once Davis is back, I think we are in a good spot.

Its still September. Put the shovels away for now


Coleman has been pretty good and he can play inside and outside. He is a good asset. Daniels is a one year contract. We can’t loose on him . The money was there anyways . Flowers on the other hand has been a total bust so far . He looks undersized to me . The guy has to find a way to get it done.

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I thought the Flowers signing was a bit ridiculous. I was against it from the start.

If the Lions are going to use Belichick as the role model they should have followed his #1 rule and not overpay players. He was largely a product of the system so BB didn’t feel he was worth the money.

I’ll be happy to see Flowers prove me wrong if he leads the NFL in pressures the next 4-5 years. Sometimes disruption can be as good as sacks. You need other players to clean up the sacks if Flowers is causing all the chaos. Will that be Jarrod Davis? IDK.

I believe, as the season goes on, that Flowers will improve. He has a shoulder injury and is working himself into shape. He didn’t play much this offseason. Daniels is not only new but, he also was injured. He will improve. Harrison also, didn’t practice much, was on the NFI for the majority of the offseason. By game 6 we’ll see an incredible improvement. I just hope there won’t be injuries to the players carrying us right now. But, the defense will be top 10, maybe top 5 again.

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Coleman has been solid, Snacks and Flowers have been AWOL. I understand some people say it’s “Too early to determine”. Sure, there is a lot of season left, but we paid these guys to play 16 games and so far, Snacks and Flowers are still snacking and smelling the flowers. Those 2 especially need to wake the F up. Daniels was a late addition, so I will give him a slightly longer leash, but we need to see something from him soon.

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Completely agree that Flowers/Daniels/Snacks haven’t been what I expected or wanted.

Daniels = can’t lose, as he’s on a 1 year contract. Agree with Freebird and Storm.
Flowers is going to bring more than on the field stuff. He is a good person/leader, and is a veteran piece that brings the culture into place. Right now, we are not just building a team with a system, it’s a culture too.

Flowers has played WAY below what i hoped for, but I think he’ll improve. Way too early to tell.
I think this will end up a top 5 defense, before it’s all said and done.
Coleman has position versatility that Patricia and Quinn love too.

the DL will bring it around.

LBs are so much improved. Kenard is a monster. Reves-Maybin is playing smarter and with more passion. Tavai looks good. I think when our best LB comes back, we may end up seeing Reeves-Maybin take most of Jones’s snaps away. In the end, the injury to Davis may actually work out for the best. More practice and development of talent/depth.

D is not a concern for me, at this point, and I think our slary cap situation appears pretty good, compared to much of the league.

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I’m bullish on this DL. Are they the silver rush with 10 sacks per game? No. Did the Silver Rush get 10 sacks a game and win playoff games? No. However, unlike Ansah the last few years, at least these guys are on the field. D’Shawn Hand is injured. A’Shawn Robinson is serviceable but not a difference maker. We definitely overpaid for Flowers and Daniels but at least they are winners at the pro level and so far, we are undefeated. Snacks is steady and like I said, I’m confident in this group.

I have no educated opinion on CB Justin Coleman but he’s likely better than Agnew and the rest.

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I’ve never bought into the “product of the system” thing. That’s just fan-speak. The implication is that talent doesn’t matter and that you can plug anyone in there and get similar results. Obviously, that’s not the case. Flowers got the big payday because he can play.

Not necessarily. It can also mean that a player is a fit for a certain system, but not others. If a player’s skill set meshes well with what they are asked to do, but they have weaknesses in other areas that the system doesn’t rely on, then they are, to some extent, a product of the system. Take Melvin, for example. Really strong in man coverage, but then he went to a zone-heavy team and struggled. Now he’s back playing a lot of man and doing well. So you could call him a “product of the system.”

That said, since New England’s system and ours are the same, Flowers being a “product of the system” shouldn’t matter. If he can produce in NE, he should be able to produce here, because he’s being asked to do the same things.


Flowers, And Daniels didn’t play in the preseason due to injuries. Could be they are not in football shape yet. If they still look like this in two weeks, then throw a fit.

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OK, but let’s say that’s the case, doesn’t it seem strange that the pats would get rid of a guy that’s a great fit for the system and excels in it?

NE has the #1 defense in the league this year without Flowers. Can you even name his replacement?

I also didn’t say just ‘anyone’ would be as good as Flowers. Belichik still seeks players with specific traits for each position. Tavai is an example of a player BB would draft.


Simply put…Yep!

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Seems strange that Quinn and Patricia would go get a guy they know, who doesn’t fit the system, too.

The big thing has already been hit here: both were and probably are still injured.

We keep winning despite huge game from them - the money will not matter to me…

I see along game plan here

They want these two and even Hmad healthy as possible for a playoff run.

If we play defense one way and win and then we replay with these two as major players and impact… we win

Two games in, both were injured and we are undefeated? No worries at this point Mattie’s!

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Does it seem strange for New England? Is that a serious question?

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Nope. Because NE is cheap and rarely pays top dollar for players, even their own. He could be their best DE (and was) but if his cost moving forward is too high, NE will let him walk. NE basically plays “moneyball” except they’ve got the best coach in the league and their QB plays at a “my wife is a supermodel” discount.


Can they lose a game before the pearl-clutching starts? If there’s one way NE/Patricia defenses start seasons it’s… slow.

Willing to bet Flowers - whose production isn’t always reflected on the stats sheet - gets at least one sack on Wentz. Daniels will be fine. And Coleman showed up well vs. LA, which was a welcome sight because he stunk during preseason. This will be a very good D come October.