For all the Stafford haters

Stafford is averaging more TD passes per game than any QB in the league.

People compare wins to QB play and claim a QB is good or bad based solely by wins.

This one stat proves otherwise. All a QB can do is score offensive points. Right now no ones doing it better than Stafford is.


that is awesome, I had no idea…thanks Air !

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All of his TDs have come in garbage time against prevent defenses :lying_face:


Stat Padford :crazy_face:

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I like Stafford and have always thought he’s a good QB. He’s not perfect, but no one is. He’s having a solid year, for sure - one of the best in the league. Very exciting to see that!

I’m glad the Lions have Stafford and have always been glad ever since they drafted him.

I was killed here, perhaps rightfully so, for suggesting that I have doubts about his fire and competitiveness. Countless posters provided several quality examples of where Stafford demonstrated plenty of competitiveness. I appreciate and respect those posts very much.

So, I’ll put it this way. I love Stafford and am glad the Lions have him. The only way I’d move on to another QB is if I thought the Lions could ever bring in a guy with similar arm talent that hates losing more than Stafford enjoys winning.

I don’t expect anyone to be Tom Brady, but Gisele Bundchen has stated that she cannot even approach Tom after a loss. You know you’re a competitor when one of the world’s hottest supermodels can’t even get the time of day from you after a loss. Tom doesn’t like to lose and I believe that mentality trickles down to the team. There are some guys on this planet that simply won’t accept or tolerate losing. They are often leaders and teammates often take on this mentality and I believe it brings everyone up a notch.

When I suggested that I’d like to see more of this out of Stafford I was never saying that I didn’t think he was a competitor or a good leader. I was simply suggesting that if we could get a guy like Brees, Manning, or Brady - The guys who don’t tolerate losing - that I’d be up for it.

But, we can’t get those guys, we don’t have one of those guys, and there aren’t any in the upcoming draft (as far as I’m aware). So, fortunately, we have one of the league’s most talented QB’s running the offense for now, and I’m excited about that.

He’s playing well this season in Bevell’s offense which is good for us. I don’t really see the point in calling people out though. Next time Stafford has a crap game against a good team the “ haters “ are going to call you out and it’s the same cycle it’s been for the last 10 years.


Do you think someone will say we are stupid if we don’t trade Stafford for Kaepernick “straight up?” Sorry but with a debate this polarizing you are going to have people taking victory laps. Especially when we all have such long memories, like recalling the statement above for example…

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So you think Stafford, who, per your words tolerates losing, is a good leader? Really?

There are comments just as dumb on the other side. For God sakes there was people saying Stafford was more talented then Brady and that Brady was just a system QB. Stafford has a 10 year track record of staring down receivers, missing wide open guys, and being a interception machine against aggressive defenses that disguise their blitzes. A victory lap? What exactly did you win? Unless you think Stafford is never going to have another poor stretch of games in his career I just don’t get it. Why can’t we just be happy he is playing good in Bevells system and having a good season so far instead of throwing TD’s to the other team?

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I do think he’s a good leader, absolutely. He’s demonstrated that multiple times in multiple ways.

I’m not a black or white, all or nothing kind of person though. I believe in gray areas.

Stafford is a solid leader and is competitive, no doubt about it.

Remember - I’m asking for Tom Brady. A once in a generation kind of player as an upgrade here. I’m a greedy, greedy fan.

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For all the debate over Stafford , I can think of only one member that ever made comments that positively about Stafford. Just like I can only think of one member that made comments regarding Stafford for Kaepernick or their opinion on Glennon and Manziel versus Stafford. I fail to see where there were many that took either attitude as extreme on this site or the 247 site

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Fair enough…


Stafford hates losing hell he hates when plays get blown up. But what do you want Matt to do run up to MP & Quinn and start screaming in their faces and calling them anything but White???

The haters would do that anyway.

Heck, there was one poster who had a color coded “wheel of excuses” that he posted in every single one of his posts last season.

Haters are going to hate regardless.

Again, was he wrong? I could point out that this is a cherry picked stat and point to how the offense hasn’t been that good in the 4th quarter of games this year. I don’t want to do that, can’t we just be happy he is having a good year so far instead of the inconsistency that has plagued him in the past?

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To be clear, I don’t want him to do anything differently. He is who he is.

What I want is Tom Brady, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning. These guys didn’t ever have to change, but you will find several points in their career where they were losing and weren’t going to tolerate it. They did, at times, start screaming in the faces of teammates and coaches. Their wives have talked about not being able to approach them after a loss. Teammates have talked about them receiving phone calls at 3 am to prevent losses from happening and piling up.

I’m not asking for a lunatic. I’m not asking for a crybaby. I’m asking for a true champion.

Again, I love Stafford and am thrilled the Lions have him - until we can do better. And, as much as I love Stafford, better does exist on this planet and I’m not sorry for wanting it my brother. I want to win every. single. game. all. of. the. time.

When the Lions don’t win, I don’t want to see our QB smiling at the podium talking about maybe getting it right next time. Ever. This doesn’t mean throwing a temper tantrum.

Please stop trying to make it black and white. I do not hate Stafford because I want someone better than Stafford at the helm. I love Stafford and am thrilled he’s here. He’s the best we’ve got and the best we’ve ever seen here in Detroit in my opinion.

Splitting hairs here, but Kelly has stated how Matt’s impossible to talk to after a loss.

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Then I stand 100% corrected on this as well. I did state, multiple times, that my perception is based on what I see after games out of him. I see him smiling at the podium after some of these games and it’s really frustrated me (obviously lol). I am not in the locker room, at practice, or at his house after a loss.

I think I’m ready to drop this perception I have completely. Several posters have pointed out multiple reasons why I am wrong - so I’m ok to admit I’m wrong and move on from something…especially if its inaccurate, which I’ve been on this topic up to this point.

I don’t really care what our QB “behaves” like so long as the Lions win, and it usually starts with the QB which is why I look to Stafford 1st. I certainly wouldn’t be willing to say “Stafford is the problem” here in Detroit. Not by a longshot.

I’m thrilled the Lions have Stafford. Thrilled.

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Yeah. We all want the same thing: a better coach/gm with better game plans and quality in-game adjustments. Stafford’s not the problem with this organization, and I know the majority realize this.