For the first time in my life

Im more excited for the nfl season than the college season especially with ben johnson coming back and our players begging to come back. We are conference championship bound (excluding any major injuries).


I’m stoked too, but…

…NFL seasons are too weird to say this with any amount of certainty. As they say only a Sith deals in absolutes lol. Once the tournament starts, anything can happen.

So my expectations are make the tournament, preferably with a good seed. From there we let the chips fall where they may.


Yep. An injury to Goff derails everything. Just hope for the best and go from there.


I feel if we could of just got in this year we had as good a chance as anyone. We were peaking and Goff was peaking. Team like Bills and others may be better but not unbeatable. This team would have made some noise and would have been the team, teams didn’t wanna play.


That’s the biggest part that sucks. Even the bills are very beatable. Especially with our offense. If we could have gotten out to a good sized lead and just unleashed our new wave of pass rushers all game we can beat them. In the nfc the only two teams that would be tough for us to beat are the 49ers and eagles. We could have gone toe to toe with San Francisco though. Our oline vs their dline is a wash.


I think our game with the Niners would have been a bloodbath. Do we beat them? I don’t know, but it would have been close. They’re loaded and I’m not sure how we could have stopped their offense except to hope for Purdy mistakes. Which he made in the first half against Seattle and they still ended up scoring 40+ points. Deebo and Aiyuk would have feasted against our DBs. But I also think the Niners D has some weaknesses that can be exploited (like they were by the Raiders and Jarret Stidham), and I trust Ben Johnson to do just that. Would have been a fun game.


Which is why if this team has any realistic hope of playing in a Confernece Championship or Super Bowl, they’ve gotta stack that defense with a top level CB (or two), an interior DT disruptor, and another safety/slot cover guy to hedge on Tracy Walker’s comeback. Start with DT. I know Carter is ideal but I don’t see him making it to us. Put it at 8% chance he’s there at 6. Bryan Bresee should be there. His injury/medical frightens me a bit. Production was off because of it. But he’s got the all the goods physically. If his medical is rock solid and he tests as well as “Bruce Feldman’s Freaks” claims he will (4.7 40 @ 6’5” 305 w/ off the charts power/quicks), I’d be on board with rolling the dice on greatness for the all-important interior of our defensive line. He played out of position at Clemson 2-gapping a ton. Put that beast of a man/child at 3-tech and it could catapult Hutch, Alim, Houston, Commish, Paschal, Okwara & Buggs to an entirely new level. At 18 we can get a starting CB. Then in the 2nd grab BPA. There ought to be a couple good safeties/slot guys sitting there. Hopefully a starting quality RG is there in round 2 as well. If those guys develop like our rookies did this year, you’d be fast approaching the type of D that could walk into SF and beat them.


I was talking to my wife about this today. The offseason is NOT the best season and that feels AMAZING!


For the first time in years, I am just sitting here, waiting for the REAL fun to start.

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We are looking for a new RB!

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There will be new challenges this season.
Teams reshuffle. Green Bay, Minnesota, and Chitcago will pickup Free Agents and Draft Picks.
It’s a whole new ballgame, but, I’m excited for our chances.


LOVE nearly every word of this conversation.
Every single one of you handsome MF’rz is speaking my language.
talks of division titles, conference championships, bloodbaths, having a chance against anyone (if not advantage), taking defensive tackles, improvement of Hutch, Alim, Houston, et al (which WILL happen if we can land that one impact interior defensive linemen)…

brings tears to my eyes


It doesn’t if we get a competent backup. Everything’s in place to succeed. We win even if we have Bridgewater type following a Goff injury.


I’m so stoked right now. I cannot remember the last time I looked forward to the season more than the draft.

Good times ahead!


I promise you will see the Lions win in a handful of blowouts, as well as win a lot of close ones.
our division is in super-deep shit.