For the record

In the spirit of sports comradery and the upcoming season of Lions gab, I want to go on the record with three honest takes for this year (hold me accountable) and see who else among you agrees or has fan guts to share your own.

#1 Lions will have the most rushing yards they’ve had since 1998 (the last time they ranked in the Top-15)

#2 At least two genuine studs will emerge this year - at least on the level of a Darius Slay or Reggie Bush.

#3 Stafford will have at least one terrible game (like that 3 turnover game Tom Brady had against Green Bay in the playoffs) and still win like Brady did in that game because even the GOAT needs a strong team to win on days like that. Just the fax man.

I had to throw in a Stafford one just cuz half of us will be watching Rams games too now.


Covid protocols are going to be a big issue in the NFL costing teams wins because of key players being out.


Pretty safe bet Brick, but I can’t disagree with it.

For the record:

If Kalif Raymond and Goff start in 15 games or more, Kalif will have at least 50 receptions and 700 yards receiving. He’s more better than I thought at the time of his signing.


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A loss of words here! :crazy_face:

Last year would have been the biggest year for it and while people kept predicting it…it didn’t really materialize. I can’t see this year being much different.

I’m in.

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The Lions will still be in the playoff hunt Christmas Day.

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The Lions will still be in the playoff hunt in January

Here’s another one- a Detroit running back will have worse ypc and less TDs than AP did last year yet still earn praise because he is not AP

2020 DET 156 604 3.9 7 12

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Now that’s a bold take!

That’s an even bolder take!

Some times you have to switch it up.

Too soon?

The teams we face will have injuries before …or during our game, covid will be our friend, MCDC size will scare refs into GETTING 2 game winning holy wtf calls, and the lions shock the media world to win its first ever NFC north crown and host TWO playoff games

WHAT??? You’ve had more koolaide than me?

What is the fascination with a 36yo RB for a rebuilding team?

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If you take off the Honolulu blue and silver glasses and remove the kool-aid IV, the Lions still won’t be realistically out of it by Halloween.

If. But the question is why on earth would I want to take off those glasses and remove the IV? Why rip me from the only life I’ve ever known?


Well, at the halfway point, my 3 predictions are looking p-r-e-t-t-y dicey! C’mon 2nd half of the season!

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