For the ‘trade decker’ folks

A mostly fluff piece. It got me wondering though. Does the Decker injury seem weird at all? Do we know exactly what it was? Has he been present at practice or on the sidelines? Maybe he’s upset we drafted Sewell and is in part lobbying for a trade behind the scenes. Or maybe that’s all bunk and he can’t wait to get back to playing as a Lion

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The whole situation has SOL stink all over it.


Him lobbying for a trade makes a lot of sense.

He saw how it worked out for Stafgod.

I mean why else wouldn’t a friggin NFL lineman play through a FINGER injury.

Swift is out there RUNNING and CUTTING on an injured GROIN. Hock is RUNNING and CUTTING through KNEE and ANKLE injuries. And Decker can’t even play through a finger injury.

I want to trade him out of spite just for that.

Him not wanting to be here is the only thing that makes sense…well unless he really is a pansy.


There is a Guard in the NFL playing with his hand taped.
We will struggle to remember ever seeing an OT playing in a cast.
DL and Rushers? Yes, but “club” is a move. Are they better in a cast? No. But, they’re not as crippled as an OT is by the injury.


anyone know exactly what happened to the finger? I’m surprised Raiola never had to have finger surgery, considering how much he flipped it to fans

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Yep, the only thing that makes sense is he wants out,

It’s not like his hand is important to block with. He can easily block guys with his hand fully wrapped into a club. There isn’t a single D linemen that would be able to take advantage of that. Nope, his hand isn’t important all at.

He wants out.

For fuck sake.


I don’t, but if you look at a presser a couple weeks ago from Dan, he was using the microphone on the podium as a prop, demonstrating that it’s weakened. He’s basically showing it flopping back and forth. I don’t think any of us understand just what he’s dealing with, but my guess is it’s worse than everyone has been assuming.

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that’s pretty gross

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Jesus there are a lot of drama queens here.

Decker got hurt. Possibly worse than we know. Team leadership shut him down to give him ample time to properly heal, just like they did with Ragnow.

If the Lions were in the playoff hunt, I suspect at least one of those guys would be back, if not both.

It seems like a far simpler explanation that the Lions are keeping their powder dry for next year than there being some huge soap opera going on behind the scenes.


Why is it SOL? I read it as clickbait for fools.

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Decker has checked out mentality IMO. He was a fan favorite of Stafford and probably sees the writing on the wall with Sewell. If we can get a 2nd rd pick, I would do it. Pitt will be shitty this season so the pick could be value

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MCDC just said Decker is dying to play the other day. C’mon man!!

I for one am looking forward to seeing Decker as our LT for a long time.

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Do I want to trade Decker? Not necessarily. I like the idea of having both Decker and Sewell.

But it always depends on what is offered. Everything has a price.

Ok so I just found this.

“…Decker practiced on a limited basis last Wednesday, when he took part only in position drills, with a club on his left hand.

On Thursday, he took a smattering of team reps with a smaller protective covering on his hand, then sat out practice Friday…”

So he has been out there at least getting his feet moving

For 2 first round picks.

love the reply—but he did it with style and finess that no other nfl player has come close to matching

What if Drama Queens knew they were significance driven, and that in terms of meeting your needs, it could just as easily be called an attention whore?

That’s super-surface-level explanation, but look for the guys that are seeking to be at the center of drama. Why would someone do that? Is it usually the same dudes that always feel a need to be “in an argument and//or polarizing?”

I remember Jon Jansen playing with two broken thumbs in 99 for the Washington football team. The strange thing for me about the decker injury is that there’s been no leaks about what the hell happened. Did it get caught and almost ripped off? I’ve shattered my index finger before and it took quite a while to heal. As a chef I also didn’t want to risk losing it.


Decker also saw
TJ Lang

Only if Decker has checked out. If he’s excited about lions
Then keep him

Hopefully BH Dc have rapport to know

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Good point