Four games in, and the problem of hope

Come on Nate, it’s not really that big of a deal, just have fun!

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Ok, 2-9?

We shall see. The Dolphins scored 28 points in one quarter against an injury decimated Ravens secondary. Outside of that quarter they’ve performed like a 19 ppg offense. We need to play better than today and we can. Today was an abomination. Even by our standards.

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I understand what you’re saying Nate. I get it. I’m not saying the lions defense isn’t trash. But can you honestly say the jets and giants offenses are as good or have the talent the Seahawks offense does? Rankings aside and looking player for player.

*laughs in Geno Smith voice


3-7. Finish with 7 wins.

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If this team finishes with 7 wins, then they’ll finish with my 7-8 win prediction…but with this historically awful defense, I dont see us ending with more than 3. THIS TEAM CANT STOP ANYBODY FROM SCORING 30+


If Daniel Jones and Zach Wilson hang 40 or 50 on this defense there’s no point in playing the rest of the season.



“The 141 points the Lions have allowed in their first four games are the most in NFL history.”
From Tim Twentyman’s Four Downs.

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They can also score 30 on anybody, except Buffalo. They’ll have their shots to win games, just like today, but they’ll have to make a play the other team doesn’t.

I work in the hospitality industry. I won’t even notice you’re back there. Lol

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And somehow …

That doesn’t qualify as “bad enough.”

Sorry, but you can’t go into games hoping and praying to get one stop on defense while expecting your offense to score on every drive. 99% of which better be tds.

The defense is a shambles. They need to renegotiate a few contracts of guys who will be here in the future and get some damn reinforcements for that D. A real safety and DT would be a great place to start. If any cash left, find a LB.

Otherwise this team will not win another game until some of the injured defenders come back. Even then it is far from a certainty.

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If the defense continues to play like they did today (or regress, if that is even possible), they won’t win a single game. That was the worst defensive performance I have ever seen from the Lions.

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Super sustainable strategy to win 3-4 games…stronk

We are -1 in point differential. You don’t see -1 point differential 1 or 2 or 3 win teams.

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