Franchise Tag Window opens tomorrow and other key Dates

No potential franchise player for the Lions. I think the important ones are if we pay Reynolds Roster Bonus due on 03/20 and if we pick up Okudah’s 5th year option by 05/01. Goff’s roster bonus is a no brainer, Ragnow and Walker’s salaries were virtually guaranteed at signing. 1st round picks, Hutchinson, Jamo and Okudah’s roster bonuses are guaranteed.

Date Player Description
01/09/23 Jeff Okudah Teams may exercise the fifth year option on 2020 1st round draft picks ($11,514,000)
02/17/23 DJ Chark Contract Voids
02/21/23 Beginning of Frachise/Transition Designation Period
03/07/23 Deadline to designate Franchise/Transition Player
03/13/23 NFL’s Goofy A$$ tampering Begins
03/15/23 ERFA’s Deadline to submit Exclusive Rights Tenders
03/15/23 RFA’s Deadline to submit Qualifying Offers to Restricted Free Agents
03/15/23 UFA’s UFA Begins
03/19/23 Jared Goff $5M Roster Bonus Due
03/19/23 Frank Ragnow $2.49M Base Salary Fully Guaranteed (Entire $11.5M 2023 base now fully guaranteed)
03/20/23 Josh Reynolds $1M Roster Bonus Due
03/20/23 Tracy Walker $950K Base Salary Fully Guaranteed (Entire $8.95M 2023 base now fully guaranteed)
04/21/23 Restricted Free Agent Deadline to sign offer sheets
04/27/23 NFL Draft
05/01/23 Jeff Okudah Deadline to Exercise 5th year option for 2020 1st round picks ($11,514,000)
05/01/23 Deadline to tender unsigned UFA’s
07/15/23 Aiden Hutchinson $1,458,336 Roster Bonus Due
07/15/23 Jameson Williams $350,000 Roster Bonus Due
08/01/23 Jeff Okudah $4,172,072 Roster Bonus Due

You really think they’d let Reynolds go? He’s cheap for what he provides.


95% we keep Reynolds, but it is a decision.


Dam free agency starts in 3 weeks

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And Goff likes Reynolds, he will be back.

Yep, it sure is a messed up system.

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Reynolds needs a better nickname though.

If fans think this is bad imagine looking at say GB break down that was just provided by DeadStroke

or some other teams even the Eagles

Reynolds Wrap?

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A veritable cornucopia of information not available on other NFL message boards.

Turd Ferguson isn’t good enough??? :thinking::rofl::wink:

Burt Reynolds Bump GIF

suck my dick GIF

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does he have a nickname?

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Dan calls him the Serpent of Death

I’m putting this out for the future, but if we ever do get a shutdown CB I vote we nickname him “The Climax” due to his stickiness in coverage.

Okudah is probably like “see that’s why i choose to be inconsistent” lol

Daron Payne was officially tagged.

Cowboys tag Tony Pollard.

Tony Pollard‘s future in Dallas has increasingly become a talking point this offseason, but some clarity has emerged Monday. The Cowboys are using the franchise tag on the running back, reports ESPN’s Adam Schefter (via Twitter).

The news comes as no surprise at this point, of course. Pollard played his way into a considerable pay raise over the past two seasons in particular. He eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark for the first time in his career in 2022, a feat which earned him a Pro Bowl nod. The franchise tag (valued at $10.1MM) was thought to be the likely outcome in his situation in the build-up to the tag window, which is set to close tomorrow.

Wonder what that means for Elliot?

I think he’s getting cut unless he takes a pay cut. That 3.8 yards per rush last year keeps decreasing.

I thought I had read earlier this year, possibly on that same site, that Elliott was willing to take a cut to stay in Dallas.